Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh, It's A Happy Day!

Because look at all that wet stuff out there!  Hallelujah!  We finally got some rain this afternoon.  Oh, when it has been so dry for so long, the rain is just glorious.  It feels like the whole of nature is just rejoicing in the refreshing.  I know I am.  I went out in the rain and got all my buckets lined up to catch rainwater.  My plants will thank me later.

And look at this pile of apple core Christmas beauties!  I have been having so much fun with my Go! cutter.  My Sweetie Pie gave me a GOOD birthday present!  I have wanted to make an apple core quilt since I saw the one that Anna had on her blog a while back.  I just did NOT want to cut all those curvy pieces.  And I didn't!  Yay!  Seriously, I cranked all these out on the Go in no time!  It helps, too, that there is a little notch on each curved part to match to anther core's curved part.

Here are three of the pieces sewn together but not pressed.  Really easy to sew together.  I like that.  Easy is good.

And here are a bunch of strips sewn together.  It's shaping up nicely, huh?  There's just something about Christmas fabrics that make me happy.  Anticipation maybe?  Anyway, I'm having fun with them.

And here's another shot of that rain, because it really made me happy!  It's stopped now, but I can almost imagine the grass starting to turn back to green from the dried up brown it's become.  I'm going out now to let the chickens out to explore all the newly watered back yard.  They will love it!

I hope you're having happiness where you are, too.  There is so much that is good in this old world.  Better to think on those things.

Hugs and kisses,


Melanie said...

It's like you can see the plants drinking it in, can't you?!?! Congrats on the the weather change... Love the apple cores--- curves give me fits.

Margaret said...

Refreshing rain gives us all a lift. the smell on pavement, the drops from the trees on the liter in the undergrowth anf the flowers just soak it up. It is Sunday morning here and the sun is shining. Oh! Happy Days Blessings

Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad you finally got a good downpour rain. The chickens will be doing a happy dance!

Those notches are great. That is the best way to get a perfect match.

Karen said...

I am so pleased you have had some rain. Doesn't it lift the spirits and take a weight off your shoulders? You can almost see the plants smiling! Lovely.
It's great to see you apple core cut outs go together so easily. I must admit to loving Christmas fabrics, too. Looking forward to seeing it grow.

Debs said...

So glad you are getting the wet stuff. We are 2 hours bus ride and 1 hour flight south of Margaret and we are having Sunday morning sunshine too. Oh, happy day....

Thimbleanna said...

Yipee!!! You have rain!!! Your applecores look great too -- aren't they fun???