Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm Sure There's a Way

to get a better picture of this framed nursing cape and diploma.

But even without the flash (and my reflection in the glass) I still could not get it right.  Sorry.  I just thought it was interesting to see the old nurse's cape and little white cap.  Different time altogether, wasn't it? 

I had not been aware that Methodist Hospital at one time had its own nursing school, but it did.

Miss Ru is still there, though steadily improving.  Hopefully she'll be home soon.  Thank you so much for all the sweet comments and emails, and especially for the prayers!  I love that.

As you can see, Bruno has been working really hard helping me on a new project.  I was asked to make a quilt to auction off on Mothers' Day to raise money for a trip the young people at our church are taking this summer.

I'm using all batiks on this one.  So far, at least.  Of course, with my talent for muddling - something else may end up in there as well.  This is the way the strips are pressed, so each row should fit together well.

 I have about half of what I think I'll use up on the design wall now.  The vertical rows are sewn, but have not been sewn to each other, if that makes any sense.  These are just 2 1/2" width-of-fabric strips sewn together, pressed, sewn into a tube, then cut into 2 1/2" rows.  I really like how these batiks sort of glow.

I have a few things that have been on my mind, but making quilts is theraputic for me.  I don't know why, I can't explain it.  It just is.  And isn't it good that someone else is blessed by my therapy?  (AND that I have a husband who not only does not complain, but who supports me in this!)

I'm sort of excited to see how this will turn out myself.  I seldom really know until it's done.  Muddling, you know.

I do hope you're having a lot of fun whatever you're finding to do.  And that you're being blessed and being a blessing.

Hugs and kisses,


*karendianne. said...

Very neat to see the old nursing uniform (picture is just fine my friend). I love what your muddling with. It'll be fantastic - can't go wrong with batiks, ha? Glad to know Miss Ru is holding steady.

Ohhhh Bruno! He's just too cute. I have to kiss him I think. Hugs and kisses. I just know he wants those. Hee.

Karen said...

Yes, it certainly was a very different time in nursing. Love the cape!
Good to hear that Ru is improving. She is in our thoughts.
Good luck with the quilt. I think it is wonderful that you can turn to this to keep you occupied. It makes it very special.