Saturday, September 22, 2012



If you look back by the fence in the open spot on the left you'll see what was left of our big fig tree after Mr. Muddling finished pruning it for me.  Our weather has been so strange this year that it just ruined the figs on that tree, so I decided to just prune it WAY back.  This picture was taken on July 27 of this year.

Now here we are, not quite two months later, and you can see that it has leafed back out quite well.
And not only that - there is fruit on that stubby old tree!
Obviously there are several lessons here.  One is that sometimes things need to be pruned.  Two is that even though pruning can be painful, there will be fruitfulness afterward.
My family has been through a season of very painful pruning the past few months.  Was it fun?  NO!  Was it profitable? Yes!  Resoundingly - yes.  Sometimes we stay on in a situation because we get too comfortable.  We become blinded to things that shouldn't be because it's easier to just keep doing what you've been doing than it is to make a change.  We needed to make a change.  Since we didn't do it for ourselves, we ended up having to go through a lot of pain and suffering.  But we have come out on the other side, and I believe we will all be more fruitful than ever.
May I encourage you to take a look at your own life.  Be sure that the direction you're traveling is the one the Lord would have you go.  And then, if you need to do it - do the pruning for yourself.  It's a lot less painful.  Trust me.
And on a much cuter note, these are the two little guys who have moved in next door.  He brought them home and she says they're not staying.  They sure are cute, though, aren't they?
Happy Saturday!
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Thimbleanna said...

What cute new little neighbors -- I hope they get to stay! I had some painful pruning yesterday -- a stickery bush -- I can't remember the name. I fight it every other year and it usually leaves me all scratched up. I'd much rather have a fig tree there!

Margaret said...

Very sound advice, Comfort is never away so each hurt and cut is miraculously healed with anointing balm, how could we live without the Lord of our lives.