Friday, January 11, 2013

Busy Day

Hate to admit it, but only yesterday did I actually get the Christmas tree taken down and everything put away.  And no, Lady was not happy to be kept from playing with all the interesting bits and pieces all over the floor. 
After that, I went outside to play.  This is the area right outside my sewing room.  There are blackberry vines along this cobbled together fence.  I planted dogwood in one spot there years ago and over time it had completely taken over.  Now it is gone, and hopefully the blackberry vines will now fill in again.  I planted some of the dogwood along the back fence, and I have another big clump of them on the other side of the back yard.  They will be very pretty in just a little while when they start blooming.

Speaking of blooming, the silly peach tree is blooming.  Winter is not over here, so that is not going to work.

I noticed this morning that the first of the paperwhites has bloomed.

And a canna lily.

This little rose has never stopped blooming.  Love that about it. 

Poor Bruno.  He is SO tired of babysitting.
And finally, just because I thought it was kind of neat, I read this on one of the Yahoo groups last night and went immediately and printed certificates for the two 99's and the treadle I have.

 "You can go to the Singer Company's web site.
 and click at top left "products"; then click the last item "customer stories"
 and you will be taken to a page where at the bottom right you put in the serial number and your name and email and up pops a Singer certificate that you can print out. (It is quite nice) and then click on "read the story" and it will give you a brief history of what was going on at the time your machine was "born"."
I am hoping to get some sewing done today, there was only a small amount done last night.  This puppy is ruining my night owl tendencies.  She insists on being taken out early in the morning!

Hope your day is wonderful and filled with only things you like!

                                                     Hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

I have collected vintage Singers for years but never knew about the certificates and stories! How cool is that? Thanks for sharing that tidbit! I wish we had flowers blooming here but I am certain we have lots of snow left to come here in Michigan :).

Nanette Merrill said...

It seems like forever since I've caught up with you. I have been a bad friend. I love seeing what you are up to. Love seeing the green. Even though it is still winter there. Snow here. Lots of it. So seeing any flowers is like a warm fuzzy. My kids are crazy. I started to get sick on Christmas day so they took everything down Christmas evening while I laid on the couch. It was weird but they didn't want to worry about it later and they wanted to help me. It was nice because I'm one that loves to get everything put away. But I miss it, too. I kept my Christmas quilts out. Allison has been in Hawaii with her dad (boo) when she comes home tomorrow I think she's going to ask where Santa is.

BJ is Quilting! said...

It's crazy to think of anything blooming when we've got a couple of feet of snow here. Nice to see, thanks!

Annie said...

That rose is amazing - almost looks like a Japanese wind flower.

Karen said...

I always find that putting away the decorations is a chore I tend to put off. It seems to take ages to do AND I always miss something!
Great job in the garden. When you said you were clearing that area I figured there would be a fair bit of work involved.
You can't be getting Spring blossoms yet - we are still only in the middle of our Summer!
Great idea with the sewing machine certificates. I have an old singer treadle machine used by my mother and then me in my very young years. I may check its age, too.
Good luck with your sewing.

Sheila said...

Blooms in January. Not good.
Poor Bruno looks tired!