Sunday, April 6, 2014

Not Even Close. Not yet.

I really thought I would have finished this exploding blocks quilt by now, at least the top of it. Some of the rows are connected, but not all, and there is a whole row whose blocks are not joined.

But. I had to spend a bit (a lot) of time unsewing rows that I had sewn upside down. Bummer. I will finish it. At least I had a nice day yesterday to do the seam ripping, a comfortable swing on the screened in patio, and bird and chicken voices to keep me entertained while I worked.

The azaleas have just about finished their grand finale for the year, but there are a few roses and iris, and would you look at that dogwood!  It is just outside our kitchen window and makes such a pretty backdrop for the usually pretty boring job of dishwashing.

Lady says it's just too tiring to think of all that. She'd rather take a nap. Look at those sleepy eyes. I'm right there with her!

Bruno, on the other hand, is always up for an adventure.

 I hope you've had a good weekend and found pleasant things to occupy your time.

Hugs and kisses,


  1. The WHERE of your seam ripping sounds heavenly! When we had chickens, I always enjoyed their contented sounds in the background.
    The exploding blocks do seem like they'd be fun. I took a paper piecing class yesterday....tired out this ol' brain!

  2. Ahhh, we call those humility rows -- reminding us that we aren't perfect and unpicking must be done LOL. Sometimes I love to unpick when it can be in a relaxing place like what you described. I can't wait until I can sit out on my sunporch -- we're getting there. Nowhere near your flowers though! ;-D

  3. Ugh, unsewing. But doing things correctly does give a great result!

  4. Those exploding blocks are looking great. Perfect fabrics. I am trying to be good and finish a few things before I try them out. In the meantime I will enjoy watching yours.

  5. Frogging is a fact of life when sewing/quilting. At least you were able to enjoy your frogging time. ;-) I'm finally starting to see a few blooming trees/daffodils/forsythias in this neck of the woods. Spring is coming!

  6. Sounds like a beautiful, peaceful place to sit and do most anything : )

  7. I know what you mean, I was putting together some rows today, I have 4-5 pinned and partailly sewn together. There are still another 5 rows to go.
    Who ever said "quilt in a day"! can't really think that works.... but still we try!

  8. Frogging or unsewing, I have those days too. What a bummer. It is nice to see the pets again.

  9. Your quilt is looking great. Sewing is like that, taking out seams is part of the process, but this quilt is looking awesome. I love the photos of your dogs. They are so cute.
    Have a great day.


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