Saturday, May 17, 2014

Red Strips Quilt Finished

The red strips quilt is finished and on our bed. Lady was the first to test it.

I really like this quilt. It IS a big one and I have to confess that my quilting on it is a mish/mash of all sorts of things. I get bored sometimes when I am quilting and have a hard time staying on one theme. What can I say? Since it will live here, I was not too worried about perfection. I just like to have fun, and this is definitely a fun quilt. There are so many fabrics and surprises in it that make me smile. That is what makes it interesting for me.

I wish I could get a better picture, but it's too big to hang anywhere I have outside. I guess I need to get Mr. Muddling to put a really high line up for me!

More testing.

And a little more.

Yep. This one works.

I have to share with you the beautiful charm bracelet Miss Ru got for me for Mothers Day. I love it! And I love our children. They are all the best!!

Oh, and one more thing - it did finally rain and the rain barrels worked great!  All three filled. I do love it when a plan works, don't you?

I am so thankful for so many things. God is good. I hope you've discovered that

Hug and kisses,


  1. Wow! I really like this quilt, toooo.

  2. I love your strips quilt! So glad Lady gave her approval. Ha!

    What a beautiful bracelet! How sweet! Is that a lighthouse I see on there?

    Awesome that the rain barrels plan worked!

  3. Your red quilt is beautiful! I hope Lady will respect it......

    I love charm bracelets.

    Yay! Rain barrels!!

  4. Your red strip quilt is to die for! You are so able to stay focused and finish, I admire that.
    Very pretty bracelet, the charms are so cute.

  5. I agree, your quilt is lovely. I really like the variation in the colour shades. Great work.
    Good to hear the rain barrels worked, too.

  6. Wow -- another great quilt Elaine! And that bracelet is perfect -- what a sweet little gift from Miss Ru!!!

  7. What a beautiful charm braclet. I love your quilt and looks like Lady is enjoying it very much. You are such a talented person and do fabulous work.


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