Thursday, May 7, 2015

I Have an Excuse

On the plus side, I did get this one quilted.

Here's the backing. It is really mostly a very dark navy blue. 
On the minus side, it still needs the binding put on it. It is trimmed and the binding is cut and ready to go.

My wonderful 1940 Singer 201 just refused to come back to life. I still have hope for it. We've bought a new motor and when Mr. Muddling gets time, he will give it another try. I just miss it. So I bought another one. The very talented and wonderful Elizabeth from My Sewing Machine Obsession very kindly sold me one that she had loved back to life. I am once again happy, happy, happy! I do love sewing on the 201's. They are just so smooth and dependable.

I have been almost shocked that this little orchid I had bought for Miss Ru last year (you do remember that she loves purple!?) decided to come back and bloom again this year. I had another one, but it did not even live, much less bloom. This was a very nice surprise for me!

I celebrated with chewy delicious oatmeal raisin cookies. Or maybe I just made them for some other reason, but they were good anyway.

Okay. Here's my big excuse for being absent from my blog for so long. This is what almost seven cubic yards of mulch looks like. I had already distributed some of it before I took this picture. I almost bought twice that amount, but some semblance of reason kicked in and I got only the seven. Mr. Muddling has made me promise to NEVER get that much again. My back and I were more than happy to give him that promise!

As you can see, there is mulch everywhere, which is a good thing. A far better thing is that it has all finally been distributed.

A friend asked me to make a comfort quilt for a friend of hers whose husband passed away at Christmas, using some of his shirts. It takes a lot of disassembling to get those apart. Just saying.

Now Mr. Muddling with the aid of the minions has been leveling the back yard. Somehow over the past years, a lot of soil has migrated from garden beds into the main part of the back yard. This tends to make it all want to go onto our patio when it rains. Not a good thing. Hopefully this will alleviate that situation.

One other spot that got a lot of mulch was right outside the kitchen window.  I have plans to make this a more pleasing view for when those dishes have to be washed. 

Here's a little peek as some of the prettiness around Muddle Land.

And, this quilt is on the frame, and I really need to get in there and finish quilting it. We are close!

I am extremely thankful for my sweet, darling husband who is always more than willing to help with anything I decide to do, who not only never complains about the amount of fabric and sewing machines I have - but encourages me always in everything I do. He is my best friend and I am so blessed to have him. The sixteenth of this month will be our thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. He's the best!

So, I hope you'll forgive my long absence. I just haven't seemed to find the time or the energy to actually get in here and write a blog post.

I do hope there are lots and lots of really good things happening where you are and that you, too, are happy, happy, happy!

Hugs and kisses,


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Since I may not be active in blogland on the 16th (we'll be at the beach), I'd like to wish the two of you a very happy anniversary. Your hubby certainly sounds like a keeper! ;-)

Thimbleanna said...

Having shoveled a lot of mulch in my day, I'm thinking that is a GREAT excuse! Your yard is looking beautiful -- I'll bet it feels good to get it all in shape. When it's scorching down there, you're more than welcome to cool off and come up here -- the weeds are starting to take over. We can't get mulch until all the beds are edged -- and who knows when that will happen???

And I LOVE your quilt -- It turned out great!!!

magnoliasntea said...

An early anniversary wish to you! We'll be celebrating on the same day as our anniversary is on May 16, also. (I won't divulge how many only to say a great many.;) Love the quilt and orchid. Orchids scare me to pieces. You're brave.
Have a great weekend!

Sheila said...

Your yard is beautiful. Love the orchid. Just in time for Mother's Day. Wonderful quilt!
Happy Anniversary! Rest up. That was a large pile of mulch!!

Wonky Girl said...

Another beautiful quilt! Nice to hear about the 201 sewing so nice. I have one that needs cleaning and oiling, have to do myself since our local OSMG retired. My Viking machine is giving me fits because the back stitch button keeps going out, get it repaired and it only lasts a little while. Your Orchid is lovely, I tried to grow one but let's just say, no luck at that (LOL). Looking forward to seeing what you do with your friends shirts. I have a box full, (same situation) and have no idea what block pattern to choose.

Karen S said...

You have been extremely busy!! I am amazed you have even had time to sew with all that yard work.
Doesn't the mulch make a huge difference to the appearance of the yard. And yours is looking wonderful. I know the chickens will thoroughly enjoy spreading it for you again, too.
Lovely to see your gorgeous orchid in bloom. Very special.
I do wish you luck with your machine, but so pleased you have a replacement.
Good luck with all the lovely quilts you have on the go.