Thursday, May 28, 2015

Safe and Dry!

Thank you so much to those of you who have asked if we are all right. Yes, we are, thank God. I am so thankful. There are so many who have lost everything.

The thing about this much rain is that it's a good excuse to stay inside and sew. That is both a good thing and a not so good one.  There is a tremendous amount to be done outside, but it's too wet to do any of it. So, I've been doing a lot of sewing. I just don't have a finish to show yet.

Last night I quilted and trimmed this one I made from Deb's churn dash blocks. The red and blue sashing and cornerstones I added made these not-at-all patriotic blocks look a lot more so! This one needs binding. It will go to the USO at the airport when they are all done.    

This one is ready to quilt. I have the backing sewn and the batting cut to size. Just have to get myself in there and do it. It will also go to the USO.

This will be another of the Bonnie Hunter Dancing Nine Patches.  (You can find the directions in the "Free Patterns" tab at the top of her page.) I made mine with 2 1/2 inch pieces instead of the 2 inch ones she used. This one will also go to the USO when they are all finished.

I finished piecing this one a while back and my friend Sandy's sister Peggy quilted it for me. All it needs is binding. This one will go to Quilts of Compassion. They are doing a "deployment" in July to Texas and maybe Oklahoma. I'd like to get some more made to go there. As I said earlier, so many people have suffered so in this latest round of devastating weather. It may seem foolish to send quilts to people in July in the heat, but Janice Grimes and her crew minister to these people and pray for them when they give the quilts.  They seek out those in each community who are familiar with those who have been impacted. It's a "God Thing" they are doing and I like to help.

Yes, I started another one. This tumbler quilt is sewn together now and trimmed. I have to choose borders and continue the process. It will also go to Quilts of Compassion.

I hope you are having a good week and finding lots of ways to have fun, and just maybe help someone who needs it!

Hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

They are all beautiful quilts! You are getting so much done! Isn't it fun to quilt and bless others at the same time?

Thimbleanna said...

Ok, if I ever end up going to fall quilt market again, will you please remind me to stop by the USO so I can see your beautiful quilts? I'm thinking the USO is very happy that you're having so much rain!

Karen S said...

You have been making the most of your inside time. I am especially taken by the stars in your RWB quilt. . The churn dash has come up really well and the tumblers are looking good, too.
Yes, we have been watching the news reports about the floods and are shocked by the destruction and loss of lives. Such a hard time for so many families.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Those quilts are all fabulous, although I'll confess that I'm partial to the churn dash quilt ... you were right, the blue sashing and red cornerstones make it a very patriotic quilt. You've certainly used your inside time to its fullest. The recipients of your quilts will truly be blessed ... what a blessing you are to minister through your quilts.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Thank God, I'm glad you are safe. I've been so worried about my blogger friends in Texas. My heart, thoughts, and prayers are with you in Texas. I hope the storms and floods will pass soon.

Sheila said...

Beautiful quilts! Love the red, white and blue. Tumblers, too. I'm sure they will bring warmth and comfort.
Terrible about the flooding and lose of life and property. I glad to hear that you and your family is okay.

Susie Swanson said...

So glad to hear ya'll are alright. I've thought about you alot . I hear ya'll are gonna have a drying spell and you really deserve it. Love your quilts as usual so beautiful. What better way to spend time indoors when it's raining or snowing. Hugs and lots of love, xo