Monday, March 20, 2017

Pinwheels and 36-Patches

I finished this little lap size quilt today. I should have finished it last week, 

but bad things happened. The thing is, I knew something was wrong, but I just ignored it. I do know better, and it cost me a couple of hours to rip out all those stitches.

Up to that point, it had gone together really quickly. I sew 2 1/2 inch squares together all the time as in between sewing, or when I just want to sew something. I had a stack of 16 patches I had put together from those squares.

All I had to do then was add two 4-patches to the bottom of the 16-patch and another three 4-patches to the side, which made a 36-patch block. The 36-patch block is the same size as a pinwheel made with Jenny Doan's method of sewing two 10 inch squares of contrasting fabric together, directions here. (She is making hers with 5 inch squares, but I made mine with 10 inch squares.)

I used another of the big backing fabrics I bought recently from Marshall Dry Goods on the back and also for the binding. Here it is after its run through the washer and dryer in all its crinkly wonderfulness! This one will go to the USO Lounge at our local airport. It's about time to make a delivery there, as a matter of fact. I'd just like to add a child's quilt or two. They like to have those on hand for little ones to nap on while parents are waiting for a flight.

Lots of pretty stuff out in the back yard, and inside - the purple orchid opened its third bloom!
It's a beautiful sunny day here today. I was working out in the vegetable garden this morning. I may get out in the flower garden soon. There is always so much to be done, and I do love playing in the dirt!
I hope you're having a really good week and finding plenty to make you happy and thankful!
Hugs and kisses,


Karen S said...

Very nice finish! That is a great way to combine blocks and I think the backing is a lovely colour, too. Good to see the garden doing well.

Sheila said...

FUN FINISH! Love, love, LOVE all those colors and prints!
I've had to unsew a lot of stitches in my past. Ugh.

Susie Swanson said...

Love this one and I know the feeling all to well. I've spent hours ripping them back out. Love the colors in your yard. Love and Blessings, xo

Thimbleanna said...

ELAINE!!! You're putting us all to shame! ANOTHER quilt! We can't keep up! All kidding aside though -- it's another great quilt -- Lucky USO!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Another lovely, lovely work of art from your busy fingers! Your back yard photos look so pretty as well! Have a great weekend!