Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Big Half-Hexie Quilt

Another one finished! This one is made with a cutting template I bought from Missouri Star Quilt Company several years ago. We used it to make the "Won't You Be My Neighbor Quilt". The template is used to make the roofs for the houses and you can get two of those out of a ten inch square. So, a pretty good sized finished hexagon. And we all know that it's way easier to sew rows of half hexies together than it is to do that dreaded "Y" seam!

I used an orange inner border and a Brandon Mably fabric for the outer border. I like this one! It just says FUN! to me.

The backing is two different black prints that came from my sister in law Gloria's last bunch of fabrics. The binding is a solid purple.

Here it is in its crinkly, freshly washed and dried photo - always my favorite shot!

Out in the back yard, there is still plenty of pretty to see. We had a nice rain yesterday afternoon, which we really needed. I've been doing a lot of watering out there, so I was glad for the rain.

This ominous looking sky appeared this morning and I thought for sure we would get more rain. Alas, we did not.

The good news is:  Blue Bell has cranked out some strawberry ice cream! Mr. Muddling and I made sure to pick up some this week at the grocery. Life is good!

I have several more projects in the works. We'll see how long it takes to get them done. Always more ideas than time for me.. Is that so for you as well? I am really thankful for an air conditioned house and plenty of fabric and sewing machines! Because I'm staying inside!

Hugs and kisses,


Karen S said...

Your hexie quilt looks wonderful. I agree about using the half hexies. Much easier than Y seams.
That ice cream does loo delicious!

Susie Swanson said...

I love the half hexies and the way you've designed this. Your flowers are so pretty and I bet they were so glad to get every drop of rain. Stay cool my friend. Blessings and Love,xo

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love your beautiful quilt. The colors and the design are very pretty. Blue Bell strawberry ice-cream looks delicious. I'll get some soon. Your flowers are very pretty, too. Glad you got some rain.

Sheila said...

I've seen that template used in a video. I have the small one. Your's made a very colorful, wonderful quilt. HOT and very humid here in NC.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Wow, what a gorgeous quilt! And yes, sewing half hexies together is way better than dealing with those pesky Y seams! Now I've got a hankering for ice cream - strawberry in particular. Alas, we don't get Blue Bell ice cream here.

Kaja said...

Lovely quilt - I like all your choices - it is fun. Also really like your photos of the back yard.

Thimbleanna said...

Haha -- more ideas than time is an understatement around here! Another great quilt Elaine -- you can't even tell it's the half-hexie version from here. And I'm amazed at how well your flowers are doing in the heat!

Wonky Girl said...

I do so love patterns by MSQC. Your quilt looks fun and easy to make and it turned out so nice. What sewing machine have you been stitching on? I know you have more than one or two...
Rain sure does work miracles on flowers. Things here are still bone-dry and brown from lack of our usual summer rain. We get clouds but not even a sprinkle. It's supposed to storm today, and the next few days, hope the prediction doesn't fall flat.