Friday, July 19, 2019

Three Finishes

Believe it or not, I finally sewed the binding on this quilt and it is now on our bed! Even with the errors I made it is still one of my favorites.
The name of this quilt is Sew Many Strips by Tara Baisden for an American Patchwork and Quilting quiltalong. It was therapy for me as I got ready for and then recovered from knee replacement surgery.
All these 1 1/2 inch strips just make it such a happy quilt.
Happy little tumbler quilt ready for the USO Lounge! I still have lots of tumblers that were cut with my Go! Cutter. They are stashed in an ice cream bucket. (Yes, it IS my duty eat lots of ice cream. I need the storage!) I love having projects that are easy to pick up and finish right away sometimes.
Technically there is lots of red, white and blue in this quilt. It qualifies as a patriotic quilt in my opinion.
This  little rail fence quilt will also be going to the USO Lounge. The blue and white blocks were left over from another quilt and the other strips were already cut to length and ready to sew into blocks. Went together fast! It will be a good children's quilt for them.
Although it does look pretty happy on our porch swing!
Many other things have kept me busy around here.
 I have looked and looked at these cats made from cutter quilts I don't have any cutter quilts and rather than buy one, I just bought the cat! It came from an etsy shop, "farmdownthelane".
I finally got around to taking cuttings from my African violets and repotting some, too.
It is terribly hot here, of course - it IS summertime in Houston! It's a very good time to stay inside and sew. And read. Life is good!
Hope all is well in your world and that life is good for you, too!
Hugs and kisses,


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I love the quilt for your bed. It is truly a scrap quilt, the best kind.

Did you know you are a no reply when you leave comments? Google must have done that since you always had an email link before.

Thimbleanna said...

Don't feel bad Elaine -- it's terribly hot here too this week. We're staying inside where it's too cold LOL. You continually amaze me with your proliferation of quilts -- and the one on your bed is just beautiful! You're my inspiration -- I'll be retiring soon and I MUST get organized and figure out how to make the most of my time like you do. I don't do well with wide-open schedules -- I need deadlines. I spend too much time looking and dreaming and have analysis paralysis. Even if I get it figured out, I'm pretty sure I'll never get as many quilts done as you do!!!

Wonky Girl said...

Girl, you are on quilting fire with all of those many beauties.
Yes, the heat is on in AZ too. I'd stay inside if I could but gotta check on and feed/water all the ranch kids. Thank goodness for evenings when temps cool down.


Sheila said...

Three beautiful quilts! You go girl! I love all three, especially the bed quilt! Hot here too. Not as hot as Houston. But it makes the vegetables grow.