Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Not Much Happening

First of all, I got a new machine. I love this type machine. I have seen it called a Singer Model 15 clone, and lots of other things. I just call it wonderful! Quiet, beautiful stitch and a big bobbin. What's not to like? This one looks like it was not used a whole lot and it runs like the wind! And isn't it perfect how well it matches my sewing table?
I was still using my sweet little American Beauty here. Same machine, basically. This one just needs a little work, which Mr. Muddling will now have time to give it.
Here you can see the beginnings of some Sisters Choice blocks I've been making.
Here is the completed quilt top hanging out on the patio looking a lot like stained glass. Isn't it pretty? I love how each block is made exactly the same but they all look different depending on your color and intensity choices.
Still no word on my longarm parts. Hopefully soon.
I now have twenty of these round string blocks made. Not quite halfway to the number I want yet. They are a lot of fun to make, but quite messy, too!
This is Ariel, Miss Ru's beloved dog, still living the good life here at Muddle Manor!
I DO understand why they call these the "Dog Days of Summer"! It is hard to get motivated to do anything that requires much expenditure of energy!
I hope you're enjoying at least a few things right now! We all have much for which to be thankful. I know I am!
Hugs and kisses,



Wonky Girl said...

You have such a nice collection of vintage machines. This one today is great, fun looking.

I keep going back, looking at your "Sew Many Strips" quilt. Made the decision this morning to download a copy. Just my luck it was on sale for Labor Day @ $3.49. Now I hope I can find enough neutral scraps. It will be fun collecting if need be.

Cheers !

Karen S said...

It is always exciting to have a new machine and have the time to play with it.
Gorgeous blocks, too. Love the stained glass effect when quilt tops are up like that.
You have been busy on those circles!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I hope you are having a lot of fun trying out your new sewing machine. I love the quilt blocks. Beautiful design and brilliant colors.
I hope you are well and will have a wonderful fall.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Lovely colors on the quilt! Hope your long arm parts arrive soon! Love your new sewing machine! Sweet Ariel likes to snooze much like my Sophie!
We have been getting cooler weather here.....hoping the hot days will soon be gone!

Sheila said...

NICE machine! Great quilt top.
Love those string circles. My goodness. You are making use of those coffee filters! I need to get to work.