Thursday, April 27, 2023

Catching Up With Mrs. Muddling - That's Me

First of all I've finished Mr. Muddling's quilt. Yes, I know, it does seem as if he gets a lot of quilts. He does. And we like it that way. 

Here are some process shots. I had started with nine patches of lots of reproduction fabrics. Then it grew. What I've neglected to show is that I backed it with a mottled brown flannel. Nice and comfy, cozy!

Here are some of the pretties out in the back yard. On the lower left is a shot of one of the many bunches of muscadine grapes on the vines growing on the chicken yard fence! There are things growing in the vegetable garden, too, but no pictures yet.
And, I've been having fun playing with lots of things inside. I recently bought this pretty sewing machine on the upper right. This was made in 1953 in Japan. It is in such good condition! I cannot wait for Mr. Muddling to get it in good working order so I can play with it.
I recently discovered a blog called, Gone to the Beach, and on an Easter post she showed some of the prettiest decoupage eggs. I had to get some paper mache eggs to try my hand at it. Results lower left!
The lower center is another experiment - waterglassing eggs. Seems its a preservation idea that's been around for a very long time. Fresh eggs (of which we have a surplus at the moment) are submerged in a water/pickling lime solution. There is a very good success rate (100 percent, they say) up to eight months, and maybe even longer! There are lots of videos on You Tube. Chickens tend to lay a lot in warm weather and not so much in colder weather. 
Lower right is a mini quilt I made from another design of the brilliant Sheryl Johnson of Temecula Quilt. It has not yet been hand quilted, but I'll get there sooner or later.
You may have noticed that I like to play. A lot.

I hope you are having fun playing at whatever gives you joy!

Hugs and kisses,



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I'm glad to hear you keep some of your quilts and flannel backings are the best.
I'm having fun playing too!!

Gene Black said...

I remember reading about waterglassing eggs years ago. I have never had chickens so there was never a reason to think about trying it. I hope yours are successful.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Your quilts are beautiful. Decorating the eggs looks like a lot of fun. The pretty sewing machine is a treasure.

Happy Mother's Day!

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Beautiful quilts!! and oh my flowers are so lovely! I hope you sewing machine gives you many stitching moments! Wonderful work on the decoupage pretty! Wishing you a blessed week!

Karen S said...

Well done. Mr Ms quilt is a stunner. I do like your use of the 9 patch blocks. They always add so much interest to a design.
And that little mini hiding is the corner is rather special as well.
Great to se your garden being happy, too.