Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Purpleness

As promised earlier, here are pictures of the handbag I made for our elder daughter for Christmas. She loves purple! I crocheted it with Lily Sugar n Cream, which is a cotton yarn, and lined it with a fabric I chanced onto at WalMart and like a lot. (By the way, the man who cut my fabric there the other day told me that WalMart is closing all their fabric departments some time this year and replacing them with party shop merchandise. What a bummer!)
And these are the note pad holder I posted earlier and the small wallet I made of the lining material. You can't get much more color-coordinated than that!
I'm trying to get my sewing/crafting supplies organized, but with not nearly the success of so many of you talented ladies I've seen in blogland.

I'll keep working on it!
Have a great day.


Screen Door said...

I'm so bumbed about Walmart-- I know ours doesn't even carry DMC floss anymore. For little towns covered in snow about 7 months out of the year... it's a real bummer. Love the purple--- My daughter would fight you for that cute bag.

Thimbleanna said...

That's awful about Wal-Mart!!! Not surprising though. I love the bag you made. I made one sort of like it when I was a girl and I loved it -- I've been thinking about making those again for my nieces now that they are back in style!

futuregirl said...

The handbag looks great! :) Lining the handles was a smart thing to do.