Friday, October 21, 2011

I Don't Want to Frighten You

but Christmas IS coming!  These guys just crack me up, and a merry heart does me good!

And these guys are funnier still.  I can't seem to get a very good picture of them, but trust me - there is just something about a Santa sock monkey that is hilarious.  Or maybe it's just me.

Last night, or rather early this morning, I finished the crosses quilt.  I added another border, this one with teapots, to make it wide enough.  What's not to love - cupcakes, teapots and lots of purple.  This was for a friend of ours.

Here's the backing and a closer look at the binding. 

These beauties were made by the Sweetie who got the crosses quilt today.  The cupcakes are going to the CF Walk tomorrow, even though Miss Ru won't be going.  Perry is going to walk for her and himself as well, which is only right.  The two shall be as one, the Bible says.  Again, I did not capture the color correctly.  The roses are a gorgeous purple.  Miss Ru does love her some purple!

Miss Ru is still in the hospital, and the doctors are still working on getting her back where she belongs.  We really appreciate all the prayers and well wishes from you, my dear friends!
Also last night, because I was really on a roll - I finished the apple core Christmas quilt.  Mr. Muddling loves this quilt, but it is not staying here.  It will be going on a little trip out of state.

The backing on this one is a green, not gray, flannel.

And yes, I am so bad that I sneaked a photo of Mr. Muddling "resting" while we were in Miss Ru's room the other day.  Spending time in the hospital is not fun for the patients or for those who love them, but thank God for them and for all the help we can get to get well!

As one of my blog friends told me not long ago, sewing happy fabrics into quilts helps you to cope with the things going on in your life that are not so happy.  That is certainly the case for me.  It's therapeutic.

Hope you're finding ways to stay happy and busy!

Hugs and kisses,                                 


Margaret said...

Hugs and Prayers going your way. Love the work you have been doing lately .

Debs said...

Keep up the 'therapy', its just great.

Karen said...

Before I ooh and aah over your quilts I want to join everyone else in wishing the best for Miss Ru. Tell her she is being sent hugs from all over the world.
Love the monkey fabric, too. You have to smile at that.
The crosses quilt looks so good. It has turned out really well.
Yes, your borders are perfect for afternoon tea!
Who could resist those cupcakes? But then, it also seems a shame to eat such beautiful pieces!
Sounds like you may have to line up another apple core quilt if Mr M likes it so much?? I think it looks great too. I have never done that pattern but now I must admit I am tempted.
Great to see all your projects.

Connie said...

Hoping things are going well for Miss Ru and also that Mr. M found it easy to catch some zzzz's.

I love the striped bias binding on the quilt, it just makes it extra special!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- two quilts in one post -- you're amazing ms. Elaine! Great job on both of them. And sending you hugs and best wishes for Miss Ru's speedy recovery!

BJ is Quilting! said...

Elaine, I am praying for Miss Ru today and whenever the Lord brings her to mind! God bless! From this post I gather that she is dealing with CF. Nasty and horrible for someone so precious to deal with! I have a very good friend with CF and it is hard to see her have low times. But, on a positive note, we celebrated her 50th birthday this summer and she is doing well. And she is praising the Lord as she goes, so that makes my heart sing! Take care sweet lady, Bonnie

Susie Swanson said...

Glad to hear that Miss Ru is doing better. I'll continue to keep her in my prayers. Those quilts are just grand, you are a busy lady. Wish I could work that fast on one, man at the quilts I could put out. I'm slow as Christmas, might as well start making a Christmas one and then it'll take me until winter's over to get it done..Susie

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I hope Miss Ru is improving. Those quilts are so pretty. The Christmas quilt reminds me that it won't be much longer until the holiday. Time does fly by! You do such beautiful work.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

Everything is so pretty! Hope Ms. Ru gets better! blessings,Kathleen