Monday, October 17, 2011

Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

That's the way I feel, just a lot of the time.  Run, run, run.  I know you do, too.  Guess it's just the pace of the world today.  It's nice once in a while though to be be able to sit down and just do nothing.  Doesn't happen too often though. 

 I have some baby quilts I need to get made, so I was glad to see these in my mailbox today.
I got these from an ebay seller I've been really happy with, Ilona.  She's had some lovely fabrics, good deals, and has been a sweetheart as well - all very good reasons to continue to buy from her.
Also these beautiful Kaffe's are from her.  I'm getting all of them washed now so they're be ready for me to use.

My Christmas Apple Core is on the quilt frame.  I got it started last night and hopefully will finish it tonight.

In other, not so nice news, Miss Ru is back in the hospital.  Pneumonia, and they say there's a hole in her lung, too.  Not great, but we're believing God for a speedy recovery for her.

Hope all is going well in your corner of the world!

Hugs and kisses,



Exuberant Color said...

I need to make some baby quilts too. You have some fun fabrics there.
My dad had a hole in his lung when he was in the hospital with pneumonia in Aug. and it healed up fast. I hope Ru has a speedy recovery too.

Susie Swanson said...

Beautiful baby quilt fabrics. I need some as well. I hope Miss Ru feels better soon. I will be praying for her..Susie

Karen said...

LOve all the great fabrics you received. Good fun.
Can't wait to see the apple core quilt finished. Love all those curves.
Sending out thoughts and wishes to you and Ru.

Debs said...

Grace and Favour to Ruth.
Looking forward to seeing the finished quilts.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh no! I hope Miss Ru will be ok -- and heal quickly.

Those fabrics are so fun -- I can't wait to see what you do with them!

BJ is Quilting! said...

Oh sorry to hear of Miss Ru's troubles! God bless her as she heals.

Susan said...

Praying for your sweet daughter, I hope she is healing quickly.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

My prayers for Miss Ru and all of the material looks yummy! Have fun.........take time to rest! blessings,Kathleen

Melanie said...

Prayers will defintiely go out to Miss Ru... and to your family supporting her in the hospital. Hang in there.