Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning in the Sewing Room

What a mess!  My little closet storage area was completely out of hand.  So, out it all came.  Poor Bruno and Lady look like they're not sure what to do about it all.

Everything is now back in its place and maybe I can get some sewing done around here! 

Lady is still not sure everything is all right.
I saw this on facebook.  I wonder if it would work.......
Hope things are cleaner at your place!
Hugs and kisses,


  1. Hahaha -- that e-card is perfect! Looks like you're having fun -- don't get lost in the closet!

  2. My sewing area isn't large enough to get too out of control as it's a small area I've carved out of a spare bedroom ... but I have to get in t here today to clean up as we've got company coming in this weekend. ;-)

  3. My scrapbook room needs a serious spring cleaning!

  4. I think every one goes through this one time or another.......as well as their pets! LOL Love the cartoon!

  5. I love those cards. Sometimes they nail how I'm feeling. Since I got home I feel like I just threw everything in my sewing room. So I need to get to it.

  6. I contented myself with a thorough vacuuming of my sewing room, even though getting organized is what I should do...but not today, today I sew! Hugs!

  7. Some dogs just can't handle change - poor pup.
    I've been slowly cleaning here and there, but I think I'd have better luck with your get-together strategy. ;) Have a great day.


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