Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mr. Muddling Has a Brand New Quilt!

Here's the version taken inside.

And this is the version taken outside.

Don't you love this back?  I've had this panel for years.

Here it is again in a picture taken outside.  And yes, that is a chicken's tail there at the bottom.

I so enjoyed making this quilt.  I made some changes to the pattern.  (Of course.)  Some intended and some not.  I decided it was not big enough and added another small and another large border top, bottom and sides.  As you can see, I had to use totally different fabrics for the small borders.  I think they work pretty well.

The batiks in the quilt front are just so pretty to me. 

My husband truly is a good man.  I'm thankful for him, and it was a great pleasure for me to make this for him.

I've been playing some more with my odds and ends left over from other projects.  I'm liking how this one is coming together.  I don't like to waste.  It's exciting to me to use those blocks that got left behind in the construction of other quilts.  And I'm not the only one.  I saw that Amanda Jean is doing some of the same thing. LOL

And now, I have to share some really sad news with you.  Sunny is with us no more.  Monday afternoon I discovered that she had been badly pecked by some of her elders.  I brought her inside and cleaned her up as best I could.  Miss Ru and I fed her and talked to her and watched over her.  But along about two in the morning she quietly slipped away.  I've said many times that I'm thankful that I am a lot bigger than my chickens, because they are fierce.  I foolishly thought that Sunny's two mothers would protect her from the rest, but that didn't happen.  I've learned a lesson here, and I will not again trust a baby out there with the big girls.  I'll miss her.  She was a feisty, fearless little chick.  And cute as a button.

Treasure the things you value, my friends!

Hugs and kisses,


*karendianne. said...

Oh he does indeed!!! What a fantastic quilt. Elaine it's so beautiful and stitched with such charm, such love. The fabrics are breathtaking and the back is stunning. Gosh I'm so inspired by this. I just love how you pulled this together. You're a good heart, Elaine. Hugs, *karendianne.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I bet your 'good man' is smiling ear to ear!! It turned out great and the eagle panel is great on the back.

So sorry about little Sunny. I would have thought the moms would have protected her more.

I like your new piece. I am in the gathering stage for a quilt with leftovers.

Susan said...

Really? Sunny? I had no idea chickens act like that, my condolences. The black and blue quilt is fabulous and your good man has a wonderful wife.

Margaret said...

The animal world do react differently to us that's for sure , losing Sunny must have been a wrench for you and Miss Ru.

On the quilting side your machine quilting is really lovely on Mr Ms lovely quilt.

Anonymous said...

What a great quilt. I promised my hubby a throw-quilt from his favorite team colors to use when he watches football this winter and I haven't even bought fabric yet. I think I'd better get a move-on. Seeing your quilt has reminded me ;D

Thimbleanna said...

Hubby's quilt turned out great Elaine! That backing is perfect -- doesn't he just love it?

Oiyi said...

Wow, lucky guy! He must be pretty special to get such a beautiful quilt. ;-)