Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Finished Christmas Quilt and a New Baby

The Christmas quilt is finished, just in time.  We have a cold front (for us, at least) blowing in tonight, so another quilt around here will be welcome!

I really like the colors in this one, and the border and binding fabric fit it very well, I think.

And yes, I do know that turtles are not exactly included in traditional symbols of Christmas, but they are green!  The backing is fleece, so that will be a little added warmth. 
I've had issues before with using fleece as a backing because it stretches.  This time I sewed a muslin backing to the front of the quilt and ditch-stitched it through some of the seams going in each direction.  Then I put it on the frame and quilted the fleece to the back.  Hopefully that will stabilize it so that no seams are pulled apart.

This pretty little girl is Mr. Muddling's Christmas present.  He's been wanting a dog like Bruno.  Even he has had to admit that Bruno is practically perfect! I've been keeping an eye out online and found her at the local animal shelter last Thursday.  I went right away to see her, and they let me pick her up on Monday. It was love at first sight for both of them.  She seemed to know right from the start that she belongs to him.  Incredibly sweet!  Both of them.

We had a little scare today.  She fell off Miss Ru's bed!  Ruthie rushed her to the vet, and all is well, thank God!  It's been a rough day though, and she's glad to rest now.  Her name is Lady. 
Chloe is not happy, but Bruno is already teaching her the ropes.  Should be an interesting Christmas!
Hope everything in your world is going well.  And that the peace of this season is living in your heart.
Hugs and kisses,


Karen said...

Love the quilt and I think the backing is wonderful. So pleased it was finished in time for Christmas.
And now let me oooh and aaaah over that gorgeous little pup you now have!!!She is so cuddly and what a pretty face she has. I know you and your hubby will be happy with her but I think Bruno is the one who is going to have the best time with this playmate! Merry Christmas.

Sheila said...

Your Christmas quilt is beautiful! Perfect border colors. I want to add some turtle fabric to my stash this year. Turtles are symbols of good luck : )
I have never tried to use fleece backing, but I can imagine it would feel wonderful.
Lady is so sweet.

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Thumbs up on the new quilt! I'd like to add a flannel backing to a quilt; it would make it so warm. I hand quilt, so I wonder if the flannel backing would make quilting any more difficult??

Lady is so adorable! I'd like to add a pup to our family (we've been dogless since May), but DH still isn't ready. :-(

Nanette Merrill said...

Oh my that puppy is so sweet. I love the pic of him sleeping. Merry Christmas my friend.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun -- a new puppy for Christmas! I know she'll bring your family a lot of joy (when she's not teething LOL). Your new quilt looks great too!

Susan said...

Sweet little Lady! I just bet Bruno is loving having her join the family. Enjoy her.

Karmen said...

Love the quilt, and adore Lady! Good cheer for the holidays.

BJ said...

I LOVE puppies! So sweet! Merry christmas dear Elaine!

BJ said...

I LOVE puppies! So sweet! Merry christmas dear Elaine!