Tuesday, August 27, 2013

For the Marine's Mom

I have a friend whose son recently graduated from Marine boot camp.  She is so proud of him.  Now he is in more training and she will not have much contact with him for a while.  This is going to be a real sacrifice for her because she's close to her son and will miss him. A lot.

As I was making this quilt, she came up in my spirit and I knew she was the one who needed this quilt.  I believe it will give her a little extra comfort and a reminder that God knows exactly where her son is and will be watching over him.

Here it is before I started quilting it.  I've had a lot of fun making this one.  It just sort of "came together" as we went along.

The backing is this cheddar print, and since I had three blocks left over, I let them play around on the back.

Here's the beautiful Miss Ru yesterday at her doctor's appointment.  She's not where she wants to be yet, but she is making steady improvement.  Glory to God!

Of course I'm already playing with more blocks.  My friend and fabric facilitator Deb, aka Wonky Girl, posted a while back about a quilt shop on ebay and the great deal she had won.  Naturally I had to go and check it out and naturally I bought something.  We won't talk about how much or about the second pass I made through there this week.  Anyway.  There was a really good buy on a lot of sample fabrics.  These are not big pieces, but representative of different  fabric lines to entice shop owners to purchase.  I used my Go! cutter to cut a lot of tumblers and here they are on my design wall ready to sew. I love bargains, don't you?

 I do hope you are staying out of trouble, but still having a lot of fun!

Hugs and kisses,


Sheila said...

Miss Ru is beautiful!
Beautiful quilt, Elaine.
Love your colorful tumbler quilt.

Wonky Girl said...

Hey- quit blaming me (LOL). Glad you lucked out with fabrics and no other bidders.
Your daughter is lovely. She's lucky to have you for mom.
I do like your quilts!

Kathy ... aka Nana said...

Miss Ru is gorgeous! Glad to hear that she's making improvement ... praying that she will continue to do better.

That quilt is gorgeous and a comfort, I'm sure, to that Marine mom.

Love that tumbler quilt! I keep debating about whether to get a Go cutter. Cutting is my least favorite part of quilting, so having a cutter would certainly speed up that process and make it easier, too. DH has given me the ok, but I can't bring myself to pull the trigger. That's a lot of money for the few quilts I make (since I hand quilt, I can only manage to make 5-6 quilts/year ... and that's if there's not a lot to keep me from my needle and thread).

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The quilt is beautiful! That button print was a good background and I like your binding too.

Miss Ru looks great, and happy. Good health ahead I hope.

Thimbleanna said...

YAY! You finished the snowball quilt. Never a dull moment at your place Elaine! So happy to hear that Miss Ru is improving too!

Anonymous said...

Miss Ru is lovely and your quilt is looking great.

Susie Swanson said...

Ms. Ru is a beautiful lady. That mom will be in tears when you give her that beautiful quilt. You surely have a heart of gold. Hugs, xo

Annie said...

Yes, I like bargains too...love your quilts.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Your quilt for the Marine Mom is beautiful!!! It will greatly loved!