Tuesday, October 2, 2018

This One Is Purely for Me

As I said in my last post, I had made a quilt based on the cover of Kaffe Fassett's book, Glorious Patchwork. I gave it to someone I still love dearly, but I really wanted to keep it. Anyway, this one is for me. It's not the same, and it's still not according to any pattern. I just sort of made it up as I went along.

It is going to live here over my quilt frame. I love it there already. You may notice that I moved the one that was in that spot. It is now covering my quilt machine, so I still get to see it every day, too.

Here are some looks at progress as we went along.

And this is fresh from the washer and dryer after quilting. I like the way the aqua blocks seem to glow.
When I took Buddy out late the other night I saw this little tree frog between the screening and the hardware cloth. I thought he was trapped, so I woke up Mr. Muddling to come and free him. He just tapped on the screen and the little frog went right back out though that tiny little square in the hardware cloth. I was shocked. And sorry to have ruined Mr. Muddling's sleep. Fortunately he still loves me!
This is not a great picture. I was using a flashlight, but here is the frog, safe and sound.

Adventures and muddling, that's what we have here, as usual!

Hope you're having a wonderful week.

Hugs and kisses,


Karen S said...

This is a fun quilt. Love the finish. I looks great hanging on your wall and will brighten every day. I am pleased you made another one for you to keep.
It really is a special one.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

How lovely and vibrant your quilt looks! I had meant to ask you earlier on, if you ever kept a quilt for yourself...........well this one is a beautiful keeper for sure! We only have rain toads and bullfrogs in our area. How sweet your little frogs look. Oh, the patience of our husbands! Bless them! ha ha

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Your quilt is beautiful and I'm glad you've kept it for yourself. I'm glad the little frog escaped. I enjoyed your posting a lot.

Sheila said...

Your quilt is beautiful! Sooooooo glad you kept it for yourself, dear.
Cute little frog : D

karenbbsnow said...

Stunning quilt!!