Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tutorial for Card Case/Wallet

As promised, here is my tutorial for the little card case/wallet that I gave away in the last Bloggy Giveway.

My method is extremely simple. I use 4" fabric squares. As you can see in the layout below, I've got six squares and one 2" X 4" piece of interfacing.

Lay the square you've chosen for one of your outer pieces right side up. Then take another square and fold it in half. Layer it over the first piece with the fold to the middle of the first square.

Now, fold your next square in half and layer it, again with the fold to the middle of the first square, on top of the first folded layer.

Now another square, folded and layered.

And then another.

Next, place your remaining fabric square, right side down, on top of all previous layers.

Then place the piece of interfacing at the top, where there are only two layers of fabric.

Begin sewing slightly above the folded fabrics in the middle of the square. Reinforce this area by going back a forth a couple of times for strength.
Continue sewing around the square close to the edges, ending just after you turn the last corner. Again, reinforce stitching by going back and forth a few times.
Now, go over stitching again, and then zig zag so it won't ravel. Clip corners.
Now for the hardest part of the whole process: turn it right-side out! Take your time and try not to stretch the opening as you turn.

Then press your case, add whatever closure you choose (I used a ring snap that attaches with a tool), and you're done.

These are so unbelievably easy to make. They do make nice gifts and everyone seems to like them.
Hope you have fun with this!


Thimbleanna said...

Hi Elaine! Thanks for the tutorial -- these are so cute. These would be perfect for all of those frequent buyer cards you get from so many stores -- I never know where to put them all. BTW, I've given you a little tag in my Valentine Boxers post if you'd like to play along!

Oiyi said...

Thanks for the cool tute!