Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Thing This Morning

We had the sweetest little shower of rain. The roses loved it.
And so did the dianthus. We were really hoping for a little more rain, but maybe later.

The vegetable garden is coming right along.Yes, indeed, that IS a blossom on that tomato plant. Yippee! I do love fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes. There is just nothing that tastes quite as good to me. (Of course that is a ways down the road from now, but I can still anticipate, can't I?)
The new Country Living came in the mail today. Lots of interesting things to see inside, as always.
What caught my attention right away was this little dresser. It is upholstered with Indian bedding. $1,495 seems a wee bit pricy for my budget though.
And how about this little stool? It's covered with repurposed blankets. A closer look at the photo leads me to believe it's quilted. I like it!
I'm sitting in my sewing room now typing this, listening to the birds singing, the breeze blowing, and the chickens humming their contented little songs. Life is good!
Hope it is for you, too!!!!
Hugs and kisses,


Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures Elaine! I can't believe you have a blossom on your tomato already -- we can't even plant ours outside for another month!!!

Margaret said...

Years and years ago dressers were covered in fabric , don't know where they were made but a lot of people had them , they can still be picked up at Antique stores. I found the nail polish you spoke of here it is Cutex brand , very good especially with the wide brush.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love the photos of your roses and flowers. Your vegetable garden looks great. We've not planted our garden yet. It's been too cold, we were afraid the frost might bite the veggies. Your garden is looking really good, even the tomatoes are coming along with their blooms. I hope you have a real good harvest of fresh vegetables.

Screen Door said...

Awe Elaine-- Gorgeous photos...I'll have at least 8 weeks until I have anything close to those. I did get potatos and onions planted this week. Enjoy the season.

Kathleen from Pleasant Prairie Farm said...

So glad you are getting some good rain as well! I love Country Living magazine. I also love your previous post on Chloe! blessings,Kathleen