Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Things

I've been meaning to get a table lamp for the sewing room. My Mom had knee replacement surgery on Monday and I'm hoping that she will come here for a visit when she gets out of rehab in a few weeks. So with that in mind, I've been trying to think how I could make the little sewing room more comfortable for her, and a lamp was definitely on the list. I found this one at a local Goodwill Store. I really like it. It's HEAVY! And that they had a red lamp shade that went so well with it was just a plus. Doesn't it look right at home with the little cardinal on the old sewing machine cabinet?

Speaking of sewing machines, I have to tell you that after all the balking and complaining I did when I had to buy a new machine after the old one died - I LOVE my new machine. As dear as my old Brother machine is to me (after all, I have had it for almost thirty years!!), this new Janome is just a joy to use. I love the needle threader and needle up or down feature, and it sews like a dream.

I have started quilting the latest project, and if I can stay off the phone - maybe I'll get it finished soon.
You know how it is with siblings. We all (four of us) love our Mother. Our one and only brother lives right next door to her and is such a blessing to all of us just knowing he's there. The sisters are scattered. One sister is there with Mama taking care of her now. She just got her moved to a rehab facility today where she'll probably be for the next few weeks. But it does take a lot of time to keep us all updated about all that is going on. I'm just glad we can work together on it!
Hope your day is absolutely wonderful!!!
Hugs and kisses,


Margaret said...

Knee replacement , either we are old or a elite sporstperson. Hope your mother's time in rehab is productive. I have the same clematis growing.

Thimbleanna said...

Boy, looks like you've been really busy -- your quilting is looking great. Does your Mom sew? Maybe you can do some fun projects together when she gets there!

Melanie said...

Love your new machine-- The Magnolia part adds, "charm". Hope Mom gets well quick.

Millie said...

Your quilting is looking good and I love your new machine. Is it already that hot in Houston...I can feel the humidity today.