Thursday, February 3, 2011


Are these not gorgeous?!!  They came from a local resale shop, along with even more in various sizes and colors and fabrics.  They are hand dyed and not very large.  The blue one is 23" X 13", and the magenta/orange/green one is 12" square.  I have no clue what I'll do with them, other than just enjoy looking at them.  I've had different ones up on my design wall just to see.  They are so incredibly complex and beautiful.  Wanda, I know you'd know exactly what to do with them.  If only some of your wonderful talent would rub off on me across the miles!

My friend Margaret has sent me another of her beautiful stitcheries.  Margaret is another whose talent I'd love the share.  Hand stitching is not one of my great talents.

Isn't it fun to visit around blogworld and see what others are creating and doing?  I love it!  I heard a woman say about a group of ladies who prayed together that they called themselves "The Sparkies" because they sparked each other to pray even more and more effectively.  That's a word picture I like to revisit.  It's good to be the spark for someone else.  And it's good to BE sparked by another someone.

I enjoyed seeing this little fellow outside my window for a while today.  By the way, that is NOT snow behind him, but plastic sheeting protecting my angel's trumpet.  We have not had any snow yet this year, though we have some forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  Miss Ru is feeling decidedly cheated that there's been no snow yet.  She feels that if it's this cold - she should at least get some snow.  LOL!

I have so much I need to be doing, and last night I just played hooky and sewed these flannel squares together instead.  The green they are sitting on is fleece and will be the backing.  Now I have to find something for sashing.

Hope you're staying warm if you're in our part of the world, or comfortable wherever you may be!

Hugs and kisses,


Ru said...

gyped!!!! ive been gyped!!!! if it insists on being this cold it should only fair :D

Oiyi said...

Those are gorgeous! Can't believe someone got rid of them.

Glad to hear that the scarf is being put to good use. We got another snowstorm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Susan said...

It won't be long and creative sparks will be flying from you. keep warm!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

What gorgeous fabrics. I like the photo of the bird, too. I'm glad you're staying busy during this cold winter and sharing your creativity with us.

Kathleen From Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi, Elaine! For here in West Texas, it has been cold! 11 degrees this morning! Love the material, the pretty stitched piece and little bird. You are so right...........blogland is full of creative individuals! Stay warm, blessings,Kathleen