Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Dance!

I finished the little black and white and red quilt last night!

 The chickens have viewed and approved it.

Her name (the roommate) is Cass, and I so hope she likes it.

Because I really do. 

And would you look at the plum bushes!!!  Whoooooooo......I can hardly wait.  Yes, I am counting my plums before they're here, and my mouth is watering.

Bruno and Chloe have pronounced it a lovely day, and there is plenty of activity in the chicken yard as well.  Spring is here.
So much to do outside, but I need to go first and get this quilt in the mail.

Hope your day is just simply wonderful!

Hugs and kisses,


  1. Love it too, and your quilting is fantastic! Nice finish.

  2. I love this quilt, You have given me some good ideas on quilting. I'm always up for new ones.. Just beautiful!

  3. Great Quilt-- love those colors. Also the pics of your friends... Pets make the world go around.

  4. You are really producing the quilts since you got your set up. You make me feel like a slacker!
    I can't imagine anyone not liking this quilt!

  5. Great quilt, and first day of Autumn here - with snow :-)

  6. Yipee! The quilt looks great Elaine -- I LOVE the binding too!

  7. Wow! What a beautiful quilt. I love the colors. Your plum tree sure is pretty. It's great to see the spring flowers blooming.

  8. Of course, she will love it. Who wouldn't?! It's fantastic.

  9. So bright and cheery and just a lovely quilt! well as your post today! So refreshing and happy! blessings,Kathleen


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