Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Little Tumblers

I've been playing with these little tumbler blocks.  I don't have the die for this one and I don't know that I'll get it.  I ran across a seller offering packages of 100 of these on ebay.  I bought two packages.  These are quite a bit smaller than the tumblers I've cut and used in several quilts.  I think these finish at about three inches.  I've got thirteen of the horizontal rows sewn together, and I will probably try to use the rest of the blocks I have before pressing and sewing those rows together.

I finished this baby quilt top and did not like the final border I put on it.  I ordered some more of the blue that I used throughout.  It came today and I plan to use it for the final border instead.

I miss seeing Claude out there, but he seems to be well and truly gone.  On the plus side though, the birds are coming back to eat seeds outside my window again.  I do love seeing them and they feel safe there again.

Chloe does not know why they should feel safe.  She's sure she could catch one or two if I'd only release her from this prison.  LOL

 Speaking of prison......don't believe a word they tell you.  They've already been out running free today.

The camellias are in full, glorious bloom,
 and we have a fair number of paperwhite narcissus blooming in different spots around the yard, too.  I love their fragrance!
Here's a peek at some of the peach blooms that haven't melted away yet.

It's been warm here and rainy.  Springlike in fact.

I hope there's something pretty to see and smell where you are!

Hugs and kisses,


Susie Swanson said...

We have lots to see but not much to smell yet...been quite warm nd rainy here too though..I love the tumbler quilt..I've never seen a pattern like that one..your flowers are beautiful..Susie

Thimbleanna said...

Look at all those blooms -- and it's just barely February. Love those cute little tumblers, but I sure do miss Claude too!

*karendianne. said...

Ohh I love the blooms, I love seeing the chickens and you made me giggle re: prison (both for Chloe and the chickens).

The tumbler quilt is adorable and you're doing such good work. Makes me smile. My heart swelled up thinking of Claude but I do agree, it's nice to see the birds.

Karen said...

Lovely tumblers! Looking good!
It's interesting to see that your garden is well and truly ready for Spring. And the chooks are probably looking forward to it too!

Margaret said...

Your peaches are beautiful flowers , we are eating and making jam with ours. Seasons come and go , and all is well.

Susan said...

Lovely camellias, I'm a bit jealous...I tried to grow a bush first in the ground and then I transferred it to a pot on the patio after a hard frost. It didn't survive.

BJ is Quilting! said...

I am amazed at beautiful flowers at this time of year! It is all white and brown here, BUT the temperature here has been amazingly warm, so I won't complain. Enjoy your lovely spot of the world and have a stupendous weekend, k?

Nanette Merrill said...

We had another racoon in our chicken shed. Dave caught it while it was eating one of the hens and had a rake and tried to know, do it in. The racoon got out but was mortally wounded. Sad we are one less chickens. Luckily this time they are still laying. Love to see your hens.