Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Friday!

Hi there.  Hope your weekend is starting off well.  It's a beautiful, sunshiny (HOT) day here in Houston, Texas.  Most of the flowers outside are still happy, especially early in the morning and late in the evening, which is when this picture was taken.  In the middle of the day those of us who are not mad dogs or Englishmen, as the song goes,  tend to stay inside!  (I don't know why those random things pop into my head, but they do.) 
This little block is on my design wall.  It also uses the same building elements that are used in the scrappy churn dash blocks.  I like playing around with them.  Sort of like a child with builder toys.

Speaking of churn dash, I had to make another one.  This one is on the quilt frame right now.  I started quilting it last night, but called it quits around 2:30.  I just ran out of steam.  I'm ready to go again though, so soon.

Meanwhile, Lady is ready for whatever we decide to do, but Bruno has lived long enough that he knows when it's a good idea to nap!
Enjoy your creativity today!
Hugs and kisses


Mad about Craft said...

Sunshine? heat? What are they? It is so cold in the UK, our temps haven't risen much above 8c this month, they should be around 20c. It is a Bank holiday weekend and it will be freezing!

Empty Closet Quilting said...

Happy Friday! It's sunny and cold in the Midwest, which would normally make me disappointed on a holiday weekend. But, since my plan is to piece quilt blocks, I can't complain.

Sheila said...

It's a COOL weekend here. Cool front moving through. And we've had a lot of rain this week. Love the cute little quilted star. Gotta love Bruno's attitude.

Melanie said...

I'm with Brno--- Quilts and naps go together.....