Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Green Beans of the Season!

Aren't they gorgeous! This is the first year I've planted this variety, "Borlotto Solista", an Italian import. Can't wait to cook these up and see how they taste. The peppers are from a couple of plants that survived the winter out in the garden. They are a hybrid, "Sweet Spot", and they are great! Not a trace of heat to them, but very crisp and tasty.
These beauties came in with me today from the back yard. The hibiscus is one I've had for years. It's actually a lot more orange than it looks here. The purply/lavender one is an Althea, an old-fashioned flowering shrub, which is also a member of the hibiscus family.
This is my Mother's Day bouquet from our daughter Ru. Even three days later, they're still beautiful! They are really prettier now that the roses have opened a bit.

I'm off to do a little sewing now. Hope you have a great afternoon!

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