Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

And what better way for a New Year to begin than by working on a quilt?  Remember I showed you these squares on my design wall the other day.  Well, yesterday I saw that Stephanie of A Ditchin' Time Quilts had posted her finished snowball quilt.  She had taken a class in Paducah from Kaffe Fassett, and had finished her quilt from that class.  You should go and see it.  It is gorgeous!  And then this morning I saw that Karen over at Lee Haven has almost finished her Alabama Beauty.  Wow!  Another gorgeous quilt, and these two smarties both did a lot of their work by hand!

This afternoon that little light went off in my head.  Hmmm....I had a lot of the same fabrics already up on my little design wall that Stephanie had used in her quilt.  Wonder if I have something that would look good for the snowball sides?  Of course I do.  Ah, stash shopping is the best!

I've added more squares to the mix and made a start right there in the center making snowballs.  Don't you just love it when someone else's creativity sparks yours?!  Blogging friends are such a blessing.  I love you each and every one, and I truly hope that 2011 will be your best year yet!  I know we've all faced challenges this year, but in my time zone - 2010 will be history is about twenty minutes.  Let's continue to encourage each other in this new year, shall we?

Hugs and kisses,


Margaret said...

Happy New Year to you, Saturday here first day of the New Year so I also sandwiched the quilt I have been working on with your beautiful squares, 2011 must be the blow the cobwebs away year. Yesterday was so hot 102f. today it is a cool 70f. so a lazy day.

Oiyi said...

It's beautiful! Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine, thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! I've just had a quick read through some of your posts and I really enjoyed them, so I'm looking forward to coming back for more. Do remember to visit again over the coming week, as I will be having a very special giveaway. Regards, Anne

Stephanie Hughes said...

Elaine, glad you had some inspiration from my quilt. It makes me feel good that my "cheeky" quilt turned out ok. I was a little worried when he called it that! This one is looking good so far. It looks like you are doing it the way Kaffe says to do it. I will watch your progress. Steph

Annie said...

I am LOVE LOVE LOVING this quilt!!!!! You've got my fingers twitching!!!! Off to look at the others.

Susan said...

Happy New Year, Elaine!
It is nice to see your quilt in the making, and you are passing that inspiration on.