Thursday, January 27, 2011

No, It's Not Summer Here Either

As trying as the heat can be here in the summertime, I miss the early part of summer right about now.  So I went into my pictures and solaced myself with some early summer photos.

Ah, I feel much better now!

On my design wall is Margaret's pretty chicken stitchery.  Still not sure what it will grow into, but grow it will!

I finished the quilt for our daughter's boyfriend.  He got a brand new bed and mattress set for his apartment and now his quilt is right there on top.  I didn't get a picture of it before it left here, but Ru took a couple of pics for me with her phone.   I'm just glad to be finished with it.  It's a queen size and the first one I put on the new quilt frame.  I am not altogether happy with my quilting.  Obviously I should have started with a smaller quilt to get used to the new (to me) way of quilting.  But it's done, and he loves it, so all is well!

I'm still working on this queen sized quilt for our bed that I started well over a year ago.  I took the sewing machine off the frame to work on this one.  I was having "issues" with the top thread breaking.  I followed the instructions, double-checked and rethreaded and did everything I could think of or imagine and it still happened.  Grrrr......  I figured it might be easier to figure out if I had the machine on the table instead of the frame.  It did a wonderful job of straight stitching, but whenever I started the free motion stitching - trouble.

I did a google search and found the nicest blogger who had had some of the same issues with her set up.  I emailed her and she quickly answered and gave me some suggestions.  Thank you so much, Regina!!!  And then I mentioned my difficulties to Wanda, who I think must know everything about quilting and she also gave me some helpful suggestions.  Anyway, last night - after following their instructions - I sewed and sewed and sewed and no more broken threads.  Hallelujah!  and a big Thank God, and thank you, kind ladies!  Blogging friends are just the best source of so much good information.

A very good friend here locally gave me this sweet little purse.  It's a woven grass and will be mighty nice this summer.  Thanks, Brenda!!!  (And no, sorry, Chloe is not impressed, but then I did wake her from her nap.)

Hope you're having a wonderful time and no troubles at all!

Hugs and kisses,


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That sunflower looks mighty nice right now. we just had 2" more snow today.

Anonymous said...

Even though its Summer here, thanks for the sunflower. Mine haven't come through the ground as yet :-(

Susan said...

The quilt looks so nice on his bed; Elaine, your work is beautiful. Happy that you got the problem worked out with the threads. Another positive in favor of the internet is getting answers and how nice to meet someone new along the way.

Oiyi said...

The sunflower is so cheerful. We just got hit with another snowstorm. Being stuck in the house is no fun.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

That quilt looks so beautiful on the bed. You do excellent work, Elaine.
It was wonderful to see the flower photos. They are lovely and give me hope that spring will come. Winter won't last forever. Thank goodness!

Nanette Merrill said...

Bloggers are great friends. Like you. The quilt is lovely. The pics are great. I am hungry for spring. My daughter and her husband are looking for a job in Houston. He's from Houston. He graduates from law school in the spring. Jobs are hard to find especially for attorneys right now.