Saturday, March 22, 2008

Enjoying a beautiful day

Today has been so pretty. And so productive. Mr. Perfect and I have been busy out in our back yard. We added a roof over the chicken yard so our chickens will have more shade from the heat this summer. They like it already!

That's a small fig tree in front of the chicken yard and an angel trumpet to the right. I was not sure it would survive the winter, but I covered it on the worst nights, and as you can see - it is thriving. The blooms should start up again soon. Directly behind the chicken yard are blackberry bushes and the new blueberry bushes and a pear and a plum bush we've planted this year.

Mr. Perfect tilled the small garden, and I'll put our tomato seedlings out this evening when it cools down a little. Even this early in the season it's too hot to plant during the heat of the day. We worked in a lot of composted chicken yard soil. Our chickens work very hard to compost every scrap of vegetable peels, grass clippings, weeds and just about anything else edible we can find to put in there. It makes a very rich garden soil and the plants love it.

These are "Early Girl" tomatoes I planted a couple of weeks ago. I picked 4 of these up at our local hardware store, and they already have tiny flowers on them! My mouth is watering. There is just nothing like fresh-picked tomatoes from your own back yard! I really like to grow our tomatoes from seed, because I can't always find the varieties I want locally. I am a little slow this year though, so these Early Girls will help carry us over till our seedlings start producing. I will also plant some cucumbers and green beans in this garden next week if I don't get them in this afternoon.

Here is a view of our back yard. It is really small, so we have to squeeze every little bit of good we can out of it. The buckets have the bottoms cut out and rest directly on the soil. I plant vegetables in those as well, usually tomatoes, but I have some new eggplant in the one closest. It's a "Hansel" hybrid. I'm standing under our "Celeste" fig tree. It is BIG, and always has a wonderful harvest of figs each year.

And in case you're wondering why there are fences around everything ......... we have two big dogs who cannot be trusted not to step on things growing. So we protect those things;).

This is the other side of our house. There are flower beds to the left and right (yes, more fences). Also on the right are banana trees and a bunch of pomegranate seeds planted together that have grown up into a large bush. There actually are pomegranates on there every year!

Here are some of my sweet little spring flowers enjoying themselves behind their protective fence.

I cooked our Easter ham today, so tomorrow will be an easy dinner. I bought one of the spiral sliced hams, and we really like it. They do a better job of slicing than our usual butchery:)

Hope you've been enjoying your day as much as we have. Have a very Happy Easter!

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