Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Growth

I just came in from planting some seeds in the garden - nasturtiums here and there, "Borlotto Solista Beans" along the front and left side fence, one hill of "Pearl Hybrid Cucumbers" and one hill of "Eureka Hybrid Cucumbers" on the back fence. I decided to just train the cukes out from a hill this time instead of individual plants in a row. We'll see how it goes. I also planted some miniature pumpkin seeds in one of the buckets beside the chicken house.

On the other side of the chicken yard, the muscadine vines are beginning to really put out new growth. If the pesky rats will just leave them alone I might actually get some muscadines! Joy! Muscadines are a sort of wild grape that grew in the woods at our grandparents' farm when we were kids, and our grandmother made the BEST preserves from them. They were tart! I'd love to try making some myself. My husband and I bought some muscadines and scuppernongs (another southern grape) at a little farmers' market when we were in Mississippi several years ago. After eating the grapes I planted a lot of the seeds. Those that survived have been growing in a pot by our front door, and this year I finally got them planted in the ground. I'm not at all sure which kind are growing or if it's both, and there are not that many vines, but I live in hope! All gardening is an experiment, in my opinion. I am always surprised at what will or will not grow and prosper. (I'm also really glad that I don't have to depend on what I can grow to live.)

This is our "Celeste" fig tree at the back of our yard. Isn't it amazing how quickly it has leafed out! We always have LOTS of figs from this one. I "put up" (can) fig preserves every year. None of my family here likes figs in any form, but my mom, sisters, brother and nieces and nephew all like the preserves, so they are happy to share in my bounty:);)...

And this pretty little baby is a miniature dogwood that a neighbor gave me a few years ago. It had just been sitting there sullenly all this time, but this year it decided it would grow and thrive and blossom. I love it!

I'm excited about all the new growth I can see and that I can't see yet.

Have a great evening.


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Thimbleanna said...

Hmmm, you know I don't think I've ever had a fresh fig....but I love fig newtons, does that count LOL???