Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Outing

This morning, Mr. Sweetie Pie and I took a little drive to Coldspring, Texas. I had read in the Texas Travel Guide that there was a museum there housed in an old jail. It just sounded like something interesting and close enough for a little drive.

After climbing these steep stairs to the second floor where the jail cells are, imagine my surprise to see this guy in one of the cells.
Turns out "he" is a mannequin.

There's a little sign warning not to lock anyone in a cell since the mechanism is old and sticks, and "there's no one to cook your meals".

There is an old post office on the property also. The absolute neatest thing about it was this purple glass doorknob. I love it!

This is an old corn crib, circa 1840, also on the same property.

There is also an old two room school house on the premises.

Here's one of the old classrooms.

And yes, that IS a dunce cap! The lady there offered to let Mr. Sweetie Pie pose in it, but he declined. :)

Back at home, I can report that I did totally finish that quilt, and it has already been taken to its new home. Happy. Happy. Me and the lady who got it.

Look at these beautiful blooms on the "hestia" bean plants.

And I know you're probably tired of seeing this angel trumpet, but seriously - every day I think it cannot possibly get any prettier, and every day it does!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Hugs and kisses,


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a wonderful tour..thank you! There is a museum in Lubbock TX. that we like to go to that has many old houses from Texas during the pioneer days that has been donated and set on the grounds. I love to wander through them and look at "life" back at that time. The quilt looks so beautiful! Great work! blessings,Kathleen

limpingalong said...

Hi Muddling Through from Houston, this is Limpingalong from Katy.
I enjoyed your visit to the old jail and think my Sweetie and I will have to visit there someday.

Loved the quilt. It is similar in pattern to the quilt that was my March finished UFO. I used off-whites for my background so that the floating squares would pop out.
I like the way you did it, also.
Very interesting!

Loved the hestia bean plant -- where did you find it?

Oiyi said...

I love the finished quilt! Btw, I liked the pictures of the school room. It's so charming.