Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Field Trip!

My friend Sandy and I went to the airport this afternoon to drop off some more quilts for the USO. Robin, in the orange shirt there in the center, met us as usual at the loading dock to receive the quilts, but this time we got a special treat - we were invited to go inside to visit the USO Center!

It was so touching to see where our quilts are actually put to good use and to meet more of the people who help there. They were all so kind and so appreciative of the quilts we have donated to the USO Center.

For me, I am thankful we have found a place that needs and appreciates our quilts. There are so many people all over the world doing good in their little corner. It may not be much on the part of any of us individually, but as I once heard a wise man say, "Do something, lest you do nothing." That's good advice. There is pretty nearly always someone you can help. Look around.

Hugs and love,


Susie Swanson said...

You all have a heart of gold. Those folks will appreciate all the wonderful and beautiful quilts and never forget where they came from. Blessings.

Karen S said...

How great that you were invited to look around. It makes it even more special when you donate your wonderful quilts.

Unknown said...

Elaine and Sandy....You bet these beautiful quilts are appreciated by all of the USO Volunteers and, especially, by those who get to use them. When the center needs to be open overnight, the quilts are the first to be grabbed for covering. When cots, pillows and blankets are used outside the center door after closing, the quilts are the best to keep warm. They are comfortable, sturdy and beautiful. They beat the very thin airline blankets by miles.

We want to thank all of the many hands that create these beautiful pieces of art. Our guests are so impressed with the quality of the quilts and the quilters who take the time to do something for them.

Robin Duhs

Sheila said...

You truly have a heart of gold, Elaine. I can imagine those quilts providing comfort, warmth and love. "Do something, lest you do nothing." Thank you for sharing that quote. Good advice.