Friday, February 5, 2016

Hot Stuff

My friend Sandy gave me a yard of this hot pepper fabric quite a while back. After my friend Phyllis was here a couple of weeks ago helping me sew, I started putting back all the things I had moved to give her room (you know how THAT is!), and ran across lots of strips of leftover rows from another quilt. And I had an idea.
This is the result! This one will also go to our local airport USO for the soldiers to use while they are between flights from here to there. Maybe it will give them a little smile.
The back is this cozy green plaid flannel and the binding is a much-greener-than-it-looks stripe. Happy, happy quilt!
Here are a couple more projects edging toward the quilting machine.

It is an absolutely gorgeous day here. I wish I could bottle it up and send you some of it!

This squirrel is enjoying the day, too, along with some fresh banana leaves. I do not like squirrels. Sorry. I don't.

I hope you have some fun planned for your weekend. I'm spending mine with my honey, Mr. Muddling! Don't know exactly what we'll be doing, but we always have fun.

Hugs and kisses,


Sheila said...

What a CUTE quilt. Hot pepper fun!
Flowers in the middle of winter. Beautiful.
Have a good weekend : )

Anonymous said...

I love that pepper fabric! It is perfect for this lovely quilt.

Susie Swanson said...

That quilt sure is HOT and beautiful. Love your flowers. It gives me more hope that spring can't be to far away, wishful thinking on my part of course. Blessings and Love, xo

Karen S said...

Isn't it great when an idea comes together by accident like that then works really well. This quilt looks great and I love the backing as well.
It does look like a perfect day.

chris said...
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Wonky Girl said...

Oh my, what a wonderfully fun quilt ! The flannel back is an extra happy punch. Cannot wait to see the others you are so close to finishing.
Your garden is still looking nice. After two hard freezes and 60mph winds, Nothing left here but bare sticks (blegh!).
OH, yah- I don't like squirrels much either and no apology for that. Not after they chewed up the wiring in my truck at the stables.