Sunday, February 14, 2016

First of All

Happy Valentine's Day!
I do hope you've had a really good day and enjoyed at least a little chocolate.

Second of all, I've finished a couple more quilts for the local airport USO lounge. Here they are in all their freshly washed and dried crinkly huggableness.

This one I made mostly with the fabrics my friend Sandy brought to me a couple of weeks ago. And Deb, you might recognize that outer border.  There is no pattern, as such. I just sort of made it up as I went along. You know - muddling!

The backing is this really soft smooth fabric from the stash - note the date. I guess after seventeen years, it SHOULD be used!
With a little black and beige stripe for binding, we're happy..
The other one is made from 6 1/2 inch triangles I cut quite a while ago with the GO! Cutter. Some had been included in other projects, more added, more projects done, and there are still plenty left for another one at some point. I do like having things all cut and ready to sew.

This brown plaid fabric I used for the binding is also the backing for this one. 
And third and finally, we have been having exceptionally nice weather here in Houston. The chickens and the flowers have decided it's Spring and are acting accordingly. We have not even had a freeze this Winter, nor have we had much rain. One thing is for sure - there is no way to predict what it will do next, so I intend to enjoy it while I can!

I hope you are finding plenty to enjoy in your world, too!

Hugs and kisses,


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I LOVE the triangle quilt!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the triangle quilt too! I have been working on some HST quilts with 6 inch blocks as well this week. They make great donation quilts.

Karen S said...

Lovely finishes on both quilts. I really like the design for the one with the squares. That arrangement is very interesting, especially breaking it into 2 parts.
Great to see the fresh eggs, too.

Annie said...

I love the light dark half square's such an effective pattern...enjoy your nice weather while it lasts.

Sheila said...

Two more beautiful quilts. I lOVE the triangle quilt!