Friday, April 22, 2022

A Quilt for a Rock Star

Here is the completed "slice and dice" project I mentioned in my last post.

Last week our son was visiting and told us how very concerned he is for his friend who is battling lung cancer. His friend is a gifted musician. He is well known and respected in the rock music scene here in Houston and beyond.  Our son Larry has played in a number of venues with him. Larry is a talented musician as well. 

I asked if he would like me to make a quilt for Todd. He got all excited and said he knew exactly what he would love if I could make it.

What he had in mind was something to represent Eddie Van Halen's famous "Frankenstein" guitar. Being fairly ignorant of that stage of rock music I had no idea. but with the aid of the ever helpful internet I found numerous pictures of the many variations and copies of that guitar there are in the world.
I went to work with a solid red background and integrated slices of white and black.
Our son was pleased. He said what I had done would be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with that guitar. Yay!
He delivered the quilt to the hospital yesterday. Larry was not allowed in the room, but did get messages and a picture of a very happy Todd with the quilt over him.
For those who don't believe as I do, not a problem. But I believe that when we pray God hears. I truly believe it makes a difference. I always pray over the quilts as I make them, and I prayed a LOT over this one. I continue to pray for strength and healing for Todd and for grace for his wife.

Meanwhile here at Muddle Manor flowers are rampantly blooming everywhere and we love it! Lots of them come inside to bring happiness in here as well.

I hope everything and everyone is happy and healthy in your world, and that you are finding ways to spread joy wherever and however you can!

Hugs and kisses,


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That is such a perfect quilt for a man who needs the many prayers the quilt contains.
I envy your blooms up high. My early bloomers are all tiny and very short, near the ground.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I sure hope and pray for Todd and his wife and he will get well. The quilt is really beautiful.

Thank you very much for buying my book, "Blanche," about my mother.

I hope you will have a blessed and happy Mother's Day.

Karen S said...

What a wonderful quilt. I am so pleased you explained the design because i wouldn't have known otherwise. I really do think you have nailed it. That is a perfect design. I hope it brings him great comfort.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Just wanted to stop by your blog. I love the quilt. I hope you are doing well and had a good Mother's Day.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

This brought tears to my eyes Elaine, as it makes me think upon the time your lovely quilt came to our son for comfort during his illness. And I agree with you about prayer and praying over things to be sent. Your quilt is lovely and I am sure your friends son is feeling the love and comfort with it. God bless you for all that you do for others!

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

I love the beautiful rose for your header photo. You are such a talented person. I love all your quilt patterns.