Monday, August 17, 2009

The Days of Wine and Roses

Here is my latest quilt - a gift for our daughter's friend Nikki. Nikki has been a good friend to our daughter for many years. They were roommates for a while and are still close. There was a birthday last week, and while I did not finish this quilt in time for that, I was close. :)

The front of the quilt is one of my favorite designs, Yellow Brick Road, but it is the back of the quilt that shows you the name I have given it. I call this quilt, "The Days of Wine and Roses". I don't usually name my quilts, but this one was singing its song to me as soon as I found just the perfect fabrics for the backing.
What do you think? Right name?

I'm really please with the way it worked itself into being. I hope she likes it!

I freehand stitched her name into the backing.

Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the birthday cake our daughter made for the birthday party on Sunday. Here's all that's left. I'm just glad she brought the remains home so I could have a piece (or two). :) It was delicious!

Speaking of perfect, these are some of my sentimental favorite houseplants - snow on the mountain. My sweetie pie grandmother had these growing all the time and I was so happy to have preserved these great-great-great (who knows how many?) grandchildren of her plants!
I love those things that make me remember happy times and places and people. I guess that must be why I love quilts so much!
Have a great day!
Hugs and kisses,


Millie said...

Hi Elaine
I love this new quilt you finished and the name is is red and have so many roses. And the back is just as gorgeous...two quilts in one.
One of these days I have to make a Yellow Brick Road quilt too. Where did you buy the pattern from or is it in a book?

Charlie P said...

That quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure Nikki will love it. The colours you have used are really lovely.

Susan said...

Elaine, this is gorgeous! Nikki is going to love it. And your free motion stitching is great. You have been busy.

Unknown said...

love that quilt, yes the name is perfect. you could be late for my birthday anytime with a beautiful quilt like that!

Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful Elaine! What a wonderful gift and lucky friend!

A New England Girl said...

Beautiful quilt! I am sure Nikki will absolutely love and cherish that homemade beauty for years to come. It is so adorable. :) I also love the name- oh so fitting! :)