Saturday, August 1, 2009

Getting Closer!

I have been working and working (off and on) on my brother's quilt. I am very near completion now. I'm sewing on the binding!!!! Yay! Yippee! I even have the label made and ready to sew on when the binding is done.

I know everyone doesn't like these bats, but they are God's creatures, too, and he likes them. It is his quilt, after all :)
I thought I would show you a little trick I figured out to make the corners act right in my binding. I sew up to the corner, then stop and sew a "V" in the binding, and then take up the sewing again on the other side of the corner.

As you can see, when you turn the binding, it lays really flat. Probably you more experienced quilters figured this out a long time ago or something even better, but I just "got" it on my last quilt or two and I was so thrilled that it works!

One of our daughter's friends had a birthday yesterday and she made this cake for the party she and her boyfriend had for him last night. I took this picture before she transferred the cake to a pretty serving piece, since that was being done at said boyfriend's apartment. I think she did an awesome job, don't you?

Hope your weekend is going well!
Hugs and kisses,

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Annie said...

That tip on the binding looks like it works. I usually just fold mine at the point and push it flat, but it looks like you're onto something there - get back to it and finish that quilt. I'm sure he'll love it.