Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Ties and Salmon Croquettes

My Mom and Dad, his parents and Mr. Sweetie Pie's parents. These are some of the people who have made us who we are. I am so thankful for all the good things I learned from my family and for the values they passed on to me and to my brothers and sisters.
When I moved away from home I was pretty sure I knew most of what I would need to know and that I could find out most anything else from books or friends. At one point I very badly wanted some salmon croquettes. I didn't have Mama's recipe, but figured I could easily find a good one in a cookbook. I tried several recipes, in fact, and never found one I liked. So, I gave in and called Mama and asked her for her recipe. To my surprise, her recipe was much easier than any of the others I'd tried, and of course I liked it better - it was the one I'd grown up with.
And this is what a box of Kleenex looks like after Chloe has subdued it. Note the tiny little teeth marks on the inner liner and the shredded tissues. Of course it didn't help that the ceiling fan was blowing the tissues and making them SO attractive to her.

And here's a little peek at what I was stitching away on last night.
Hope you're having a wonderful day!
Hugs and kisses,


Annie said...

I'm loving the wine and roses quilt. I haven't heard the word croquette since I was a girl. It brought back memories for me. Perhaps I will ring my mum and ask for her recipe. Values is the key.

Karen E. Overton said...

how 'bout sharing your recipe - we just called them salmon patties (such rednecks) but they look like the same - I'm hungry!!