Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tomatoes and Figs......Oh, MY!

Isn't that a beautiful sight!Jars of fig preserves and tomato salsa and enchilada sauce marching across my counter.
This is what I've been doing with some of my time lately. As I said earlier we have really had a good tomato harvest this year. We have shared with friends and neighbors and still had enough to can some. I can't say it's especially cost effective, but it sure does give me a great sense of accomplishment!
And, I've got lots of 5 inch squares cut out for a new quilt I'm working myself up to get started.
And waiting in the wings is this lovely bunch of 2 1/2 inch strips of 1930's style fabrics. I think they'll probably turn into another of those tube quilts. I really like those!

I hope you're doing something that leaves you with a sense of accomplishment.

Have a great day! (or night)

Hugs and kisses,


Margaret said...

Your preserves certainly look tasty and it is a wonderful achievement and satisfaction unimaginable when you see the finished product. You are on a roll with another quilt in the making, take care. Margaret

Susan said...

I know exactly how good it is when you finish and see the jars filled on the counter. I didn't want to put them in the cupboard hidden. All my canning stuff was sold in a garage sale before we left and to a young man too. Exciting to start a new project, can't wait to see both quilts.

Brenda Kay Ledford said...

Wow! Those cans of fig preserves, tomato salsa, and enchilada sauce are so beautiful on the counter. You sure have been busy working, but it's had paid off well.
The fabric is lovely. I look forward to seeing the pretty quilts you will make. Beautiful posting.
I've never heard of fig preserves, but I can just imagine how good they are.

Oiyi said...

Oh wow, all those canned goods are a beautiful sight, indeed! I can't wait to start canning this Summer.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

There is nothing that says "home" as much as seeing canning jars full of the year's harvest! You have been quite a busy bee. I also love the quilt in your last post. Just beautiful! blessings,Kathleen

*karendianne. said...

I think I love the sight of productivity and things waiting in the wings!!!