Monday, July 26, 2010

Working Again and a Couple of (Possibly) Helpful Tips

I have been extraordinarily fortunate on ebay (one of my favorite places to shop) lately. I really like the 1930's reproduction fabrics. They seem so cheerful to me. I guess during those times they needed all the help they could get. Anyway, I've purchased jelly rolls and 5" squares in some of those wonderful fabrics.

This is the what I'm working on right now.

Is this not the cutest fabric! And here's hint number one: masking tape stuck to the first block of each row with the number of the row I have pinned together ready to sew. (The "L" is for left. What can I say?) I have a midget design wall in my sewing room, but I have a really nice design dining room table that I usually use to lay out my quilts. I have a tendency to mix up the pieces between the dining room and the sewing room. And it's NOT like it's a long hike. So. Whatever helps me to remember what I'm doing is a good thing.

And yes, this sweet little egg slicer (that I've had forever, it seems) is great, but it's not the other hint.

The other hints is this: Did you know that after you boil an egg and crack it, if you gently slide a dinnerware teaspoon upside down between the shell and the egg - it will usually take the shell off easily with no tearing or disfigurement of the boiled egg? Makes life so much simpler. I was making comfort food yesterday for lunch - my grandmother's tuna casserole recipe and it calls for sliced boiled eggs.

We are having rain here this evening and it's nice. The plants like it. I pulled some of the ones in the front out from under the eaves so they could have a nice wash and refreshing drink of fresh rain water. They thanked me.

Hope everything is going peachy keen for you!
Hugs and kisses,


Stephanie Hughes said...

Elaine, I went to the recipe and I am going to definately make it next week. I will try to do the eggs that way because it is one of my difficulties in doing hard boiled eggs. I love the fabric you got off of ebay. It is great! I have been lucky there too. If you see my blog, you will see several EBAY finds that I have redone and how much different they turned out. Love your blog, Steph

Annie said...

What a great tip with the egg, I must try that - I have a tuna casserole that requires a boiled egg too and it's YUMMY! Your quilt looks great too

Nanette Merrill said...

This quilt is going to be really cute. The egg thing won't work if you can't get a handle on stripping the egg. We have chickens and the eggs are so fresh that they are really hard to shell. Oh well, just one drawback since I love having chickens.

Michael Wurm Jr said...

ooo! your quilt is looking great!! i'm just about to start my first quilt .. i'm a bit nervous, but so excited!

Millie said...

Cute quilt Elaine, I like to make Rail Fence quilts too. Love the fabric you used.

Margaret said...

Great idea with the masking tape , amazing how we can turn things around in such a short distance. Peeling eggs has to be one of the worst jobs, I will try your spoon idea.

Susan said...

Tuna casserole sounds so good right now--it's been awhile since I've had it. Nice tip about the eggs. I've got to go to eBay more often, you have a beautiful quilting there. 1930's does make you smile while working with it, I love it.