Friday, May 20, 2016


I made this one by combining two ideas from the book, Quilts for Scrap Lovers by Judy Gauthier.  As I was making it, I had that "knowing" that it was to go to a man who has been going through a horrific battle. He's been given up to die more than once, the family called in to say goodbye, and yet he's still here. God has truly done more than one miracle for him. He still has a long way to go, but I am so happy for him and for his family who have stood so firmly by his side through it all.

There are such fun little houses throughout the quilt. They are a tangible reminder to him of all the households who have been and still are praying for him. His daughter has done such a remarkable job of rallying people through a facebook group to pray for him.

I especially like this reminder that we are all HIS sheep! I am so thankful He hears when we cry out to Him and that He is still in the healing business!

Lots of happy pretties out in the yard, including lots of weeds. We'll just look at the flowers though! At the top left is a picture of the packaging of the new bird feeder we just bought. It works!  When squirrels try to get seeds out of it, it closes. You can see the one we hung in our yard in the third row. The last picture on the right includes a very nice surprise Mr. Muddling brought me yesterday - carnations! They are so pretty! The picture just before it is of some of the gardenias from our garden. They are now busily perfuming the sewing room. Oh, how I love that fragrance!

There are so many wonderful things in this world of ours. I know there are bad things, too, but I choose to put my attention on the good ones!

Have a blessed and happy weekend, my friends!

Hugs and kisses,

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Happy Spin

This is the quilt I couldn't show before. It was a surprise for a friend of ours, and it was delivered on Sunday. She likes it!

This is my take on Katy Doughty's pattern Vintage Spin from her book Adding Layers. I'm calling my version Happy instead of Vintage Spin. 

The backing is this Jinny Beyer print that seemed to me happy to play along.
I had a lot of fun making this one. The blades are a mix of batiks and Kaffe Fassett/Philip Jacobs fabrics.  I fussy cut flowers from Kaffe Fassett's Suzani Embroidered, and used a machine blanket stitch to applique them to the center of each block. I made my blocks a bit bigger at 14 inches instead of 13 1/2, and made this one of 20 blocks instead of the original pattern's thirty blocks. It's still a good size to snuggle!
Lots growing and blooming (and just hanging out!) here in the land of Muddle. We've had some nice rain the past couple of days and we can see the plants are happy about it! 

I have now trimmed this one, but it still needs a binding sewn. I think it will probably go to the local USO when they need more quilts.

And this one has had borders added and is now loaded ready to quilt. Hopefully I'll have these two finished and get another post up soon. I have been busy, just not busy posting!

I hope all is well in your world, and that you have plenty of HAPPY where you are. With all the bad things we see and hear about, there are still a lot of good things, too. Lots of blessings for which to be thankful, and I am.

Hugs and kisses,

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Do I Post About When I Have Nothing to Show

I could show you this wall in my sewing room. I like all these things. Each and every one of them mean something to me. 

This is a cute little project I've started, but it's no where near finished.

Neither is this Scrappy Trips.

This arrived in my mailbox yesterday and yes, there are things in here that interest me, including this one on the cover.

Then, of course, there are the many boxes of components ready to be used.
And yummy, delightful fabric washed and hanging to dry out in the garage. 

Nothing earthshaking happening here, but still lots of good things all around. So many reasons to be thankful and happy. And I am. I hope you are, too!

I have a quilt ready to load and quilt. Sorry, I can't show you any of that yet.

Are you having a wonderful, happy time? I'm having a good time on purpose!

Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Four Patches that became Nine Patches that became a Quilt

As you might remember, I tend to make a lot of four patches as leader/enders while I'm doing other sewing. And then, too, sometimes I just want to sew something! 

Quite a while back, I had bought some charm packs that I never got around to using. Over time, my hands have developed a real dislike for unwashed fabric, so I washed - very carefully - all the fabrics in the charm packs. They still decided to shrink. I then
trimmed them to 4 1/2 inch squares. 

Coincidentally that is the exact measurement of  the four patches made with 2 1/2 inch blocks, and I thought I would try using those units to make nine patches. So I did.
And this is what it became!  That border fabric was waiting patiently in the stash, and it seems perfect to me. The whole thing went together really fast, and that's a good thing because the lady to whom it is going has a birthday on Monday. When her husband asked me to make a quilt for her, I told him I wasn't at all sure it would be ready in time, but I'm so glad it is! I hope she likes it.
The backing is this pink camouflage type print. I'm smiling when I look at it. I don't know what she will think of it, but her husband is a Vietnam veteran. She's a retired schoolteacher. Somehow it seemed to me that they had both been through the wars!

Here it is in all its freshly washed and dried crinkly sweetness, always my favorite shot of a new quilt.
There has also been some of this going on around here - wedges of batik and Kaffe Fassett fabrics being sewn into circles. I am loving seeing these come together. 

As you may have heard, we had some pretty intense weather in this area the first part of the week. There was a lot of flooding and damage in so many places here in the Houston area, along with many others. I am happy and thankful to report that we had no damage here at Muddle Manor. Lots of rain, but no flooding, thank God! He is so good to us always and we are so thankful. 

I do hope you've taken the time to notice His goodness to you, too!

Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Happy Quilt for Two Very Special Little Boys

You might remember here where I talked about nothing finished and showed some quarter square triangle blocks I had made. At the time I had several ideas of where they would go, but none of them was exactly "it". You know what I mean?

A couple of weeks ago my sweet sister in law gave me another batch of fabric she had gotten for me at a resale shop, and this chalkboard lettered fabric was among them. PERFECT! Don't you love it when that happens?
The orange rocket ship fabric in the borders and the green plaid flannel are both from Connecting Threads, and the binding fabric is a Deb Strain for Moda I bought years ago. It's croquet balls, can you tell?

Here it is all together, and as you can see Esmeralda has inspected it. I think it met her approval. 

This one is for our Pastor's grandsons. She loves them SO much and talks about them a lot. It seemed to me good to make this for them to enjoy when they visit her. I hope they like it!
In other news, I failed to mention that I added three "new" machines to the herd of them that live here. I know. I do not need any more vintage machines, but I surely do like them. What can I say? 

The top is a Singer Model 15 manufactured in 1952, the center is a Singer Model 404 manufactured in 1958, and the third is a Singer Model 457 manufactured probably 1969. I bought them all online from, and they all worked perfectly after a little cleaning and lubrication from the wonderful Mr. Muddling. These old machines just make me happy, and I am so thankful to have a husband who not only tolerates, but encourages all my little happinesses.

So many things outside are making me so happy. Look at those tiny little figs in the upper left, tomato blossoms upper middle, tiny little lemon lower middle. And at the very lower right is our pecan tree!!! Would you just look at those leaves! Right above it are amaryllis just in glorious bloom! Happy, happy, happy - how can I help it with all that going on out in our very own yard?

Truly, the world is so full of things to enjoy. Our God is good. All the time. I do hope there are some really good things going on with you, too!  Because I love you.

Hugs and kisses,

Friday, April 8, 2016

Bright Boxes and Piano Keys

This happy quilt got finished last night and took a turn in the washer. Today, it went through the dryer and outside for its portrait. It is really bright, but I like bright, and that's a good thing since it will live here.

The backing is this flannel plaid.

And here it is in place in the den. (Notice the dog toys on the floor.)

And yes, they immediately had to try it to be sure it would work. I think it met their approval. There are three dogs and two cats who live in our house It's a matter of self defense to keep as much of the upholstered furniture as possible covered with quilts. When those quilts are bright and happy - that's just a bonus!

Little views around Muddle Manor. The cat on the chicken rooftop lives (supposedly) next door. He likes it here, too. 

I have started a new little garden on the kitchen side of the house. I can see it while I'm at the sink. Doesn't make me like washing dishes any better, but it is pretty anyway. Mr. Muddling fenced off that side so no marauding chickens or dogs allowed. I'm hoping to get lots more done out there before the real heat of Summer gets here.

I bought an Orange Peel die for the Go! cutter a while back and cut out these retro chintz petals. I zig zagged them onto 5 inch squares of solid fabric and sewed them together. The plan (as I laughingly call it) here is to quilt it on the sewing machine for a wall hanging.  

Behind it is yet another project I've begun. You know how it is. There is a never-ending supply of quilts in my head trying to get out!

The weather here is beautiful. I hope you're having some pretty weather where you are, too. Have a great weekend and enjoy yourself!

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, March 28, 2016

Chinese Coins Framed in Black

I finished sewing the binding on this llittle quilt last night and sent it for a trip through the washer and dryer.

Here's a closer look. I used a variegated thread on this one. I haven't done that for a while, but somehow it seemed like the right thing. The fabric really is a solid black, but it's hanging on a sunny patio and the sun is shining through it.

The backing is this cute flannel print and there is a multicolored stripe for the binding.

Cuddly, comfy after the wash and dry.

That's Chloe there behind the quilt with Pete, the parakeet hanging over her head. I have to keep an eye on both those cats of ours. They sometimes get an urge to reach out and touch that bird!

I do so love this time of year. I wish I could share the beauty all around with you in person, but for now, it's still mighty nice to see pictures! I am trying to absorb every bit of Spring I can while it lasts. It will be Summer all too soon!

It was cold enough this morning that I turned the heat on for a while. This afternoon we had the air conditioning on, and now the windows are open to the pleasant evening air. Ah, Houston!

I do hope you are having good weather and lots of pretty things to see in your world.. We have been given lots to enjoy, and I am thankful!

Hugs and kisses,