Saturday, June 27, 2015

A Tumbler Finish

I've had this tumbler quilted for a while now, just couldn't quite seem to get the binding done.
But today I've remedied that situation and it is done! How about these classic Thunderbirds for backing?

This Dancing Nines got quilted last night. I still need to trim and bind it.

I started work on this one, had it all laid out on the design wall, but a visitor to the sewing room decided to walk behind the design wall (Doesn't that sound fancy? It's just a piece of builders foam with batting on it. LOL!).  Those pieces are now webbed together so there will be no more accidents like this.

In case you wonder, the visitor was one of these innocent looking little darlings. 

And, if you look past the quilt you can see that the storage shed is coming along quite nicely. Mr. Muddling does good work! Maybe we can get the roof done next weekend. It has been a bigger job than we thought it would be. Isn't that always the way of things! It is going to be a wonderful thing for us though. We'll keep the yard tools in there instead of the garage. I had to sacrifice part of the fig tree. There just was not room for all of it and the shed, too. It seems to have forgiven me for the pruning it got. I just finished eating some fresh figs!

I'm trying to get quilts finished for both the USO and Quilts of Compassion.  My friend Sandy and I have a total of nine completed. Hopefully we'll finish a few more and get them out of here! It IS a blessing to me to have the means and opportunity to bless others with the work we do. I'm thankful for that.

I hope you're having a really good weekend and that there are things in your world that are making you happy!

Hugs and kisses,

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Comfort Quilt for My Friend's Friend

My friend Darla asked me to make a comfort quilt for a friend of hers whose husband had passed away in December. She wanted this quilt to be made of some of his shirts and she wanted flannel on the back.

I will just confess to you that I did not want to make this quilt, but I did repent and I got it made. Look at those two big "bumps" in the backing.

I included two of the shirt pockets, and for them to be functional they could not be quilted.

This is how I reminded myself NOT to quilt them!  Masking tape.

Inside one of the pockets I put a little heart made from fabric from two of the shirts. This is one side.

This is the other side. 

A collage of the design process. By the way, that little lazy Susan type cutting mat helped SO much! There were lots of wonky blocks needing trimming. There was not enough fabric in the shirts provided to do what I wanted, so I added in some gold with white stars. It and the backing, a pretty gold-y/yellow flannel are both from Connecting Threads. I like their flannel a lot, it's been the best quality I've found.
A not great picture, but still the natural light coming in the window this morning gives you an idea how very cuddly this one is.  I hope it is a comfort to Darla's friend.
Our weekend is over and Mr. Muddling heads back to work bright and early in the morning. It sure will be lonely around here without him, but he'll be back!
I do hope your week is exceptionally good in every way!
Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Another One Ready for the USO

This little happy quilt is all ready to go with the next bunch of quilts to the  USO lounge for our soldiers at the  local airport.  It was made with some of those four patches I have made as leader/enders, and since those finished at 4 1/2 inches, I used rectangle squares that were the same size. (Wanda gave a very clear tutorial of how to make these simple blocks here.) I combined four of each of those units to make a bigger four patch and alternated them. I like it!

And here's a shot of the backing - a pretty Jinny Beyer print setting off a row of patriotic teddy bears.

You can get a little better look at what the backing fabric is like in this inside shot.  The binding is a red/blue ombre stripe. 

I have two more quilted that I need to get the binding sewn on. Mr. Muddling has been on vacation this week, though it hasn't been much of one for him. He had intended to fabricate a storage building we had delivered here as a kit, but then the rains came.  Our son came yesterday and helped (a LOT), and it has made good progress. There just seem to be a lot of things unexpectedly not included in the kit that necessitate trips to the hardware store, which in turn always seems to include more necessary purchases. Since I, oh so often, find that to be the case with fabric and related purchases, I understand. I'm just thankful Mr. Muddling also understands the valid need (LOL!!) for a large cache of fabric.

I do hope the rainy weather has not impacted you badly and that you are having a wonderful weekend!

Hugs and kisses,

Monday, June 8, 2015

Three More Finished!

Does that feel good or what! Yes, it definitely does feel good. These three are all finished and stacked up waiting for a bigger pile to donate. I told a bit more about them in this blog post.

The churn dash blocks Deb, aka Wonky Girl, sent. I bordered this with a shades of blue stripe, which I also ran through the backing. You can see that in the picture above, bottom right.  This one will go to the USO at the airport here in Houston. 

This is one I made quite a while back, now it has its binding and is ready to go It will go to Quilts of Compassion for their next "deployment".

The backing is a funny kind of print, but I like it. You can see the nice feathers Peggy quilted in this shot.

This one is Mary Johnson's pattern "Four Patch Stars". The link will take you to the page for that pattern. She has lots of patterns and they are free, and more importantly they are very clearly written and easy to use. She is a generous blogger!

I like everything about this one. The border is a red, white and blue print given to me by Wonky Girl, another very generous blogger, and there's even a red, white and blue stripe for the binding.

The backing is a pretty blue on blue print, don't remember where I got it, but I had a lot. I also backed Deb's churn dash blocks with it.

I have more on the quilt assembly line (I don't really have one, it just seems as if I do sometimes!) I'll let you know when there's another finish. 

It is a beautiful, sunny and very hot day here in Houston. Summer has arrived.  I'm not tired of seeing the sun yet. All those rainy days made me appreciate dry weather. Of course I'm also really thankful for air conditioning!

I hope your week is starting off well and that it's a good one for you!

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Saga of a Little Quilt

This little quilt (49 1/2" by 58") has had quite a few hands involved in the making of it. I had made a lot of the rail fence blocks last year from 2 1/2" strips I'd cut from all sorts of fabrics.

You might remember I made "Chicken Strips" from some of those rail fence blocks alternating with framed chicken print fabrics. (You know I really LIKE this one!)
Then my friend Phyllis took a stack of those rail fence blocks and put them together into this one. Both of those quilts went to Quilts of Compassion last year.

I had given my friend Sandy a stack of those same blocks (yes, I do get carried away making blocks sometimes) when she took a quilt top I had made to have her sister Peggy quilt it for me. 

Peggy sewed the rail fence blocks together (You can see she put one of my sixteen patch blocks in there, too!)  and quilted it!  I got the binding sewn on and now this one will be going to Quilts of Compassion when we get a stack of quilts ready.   Wasn't that a fun little journey of lots of people working to finish one little simple quilt. I believe it will really be a blessing to whoever gets it!

Peggy added this pretty Maywood Studios fabric for a backing and did a beautiful job of quilting it!

Meanwhile at Muddle Manor, the skies are gloriously clear and everything is growing like wild. Of course, it's hot, too, but I'm not even going to complain. I am so happy to see the sun again!

I do hope you are finding plenty that makes you thankful!

Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Safe and Dry!

Thank you so much to those of you who have asked if we are all right. Yes, we are, thank God. I am so thankful. There are so many who have lost everything.

The thing about this much rain is that it's a good excuse to stay inside and sew. That is both a good thing and a not so good one.  There is a tremendous amount to be done outside, but it's too wet to do any of it. So, I've been doing a lot of sewing. I just don't have a finish to show yet.

Last night I quilted and trimmed this one I made from Deb's churn dash blocks. The red and blue sashing and cornerstones I added made these not-at-all patriotic blocks look a lot more so! This one needs binding. It will go to the USO at the airport when they are all done.    

This one is ready to quilt. I have the backing sewn and the batting cut to size. Just have to get myself in there and do it. It will also go to the USO.

This will be another of the Bonnie Hunter Dancing Nine Patches.  (You can find the directions in the "Free Patterns" tab at the top of her page.) I made mine with 2 1/2 inch pieces instead of the 2 inch ones she used. This one will also go to the USO when they are all finished.

I finished piecing this one a while back and my friend Sandy's sister Peggy quilted it for me. All it needs is binding. This one will go to Quilts of Compassion. They are doing a "deployment" in July to Texas and maybe Oklahoma. I'd like to get some more made to go there. As I said earlier, so many people have suffered so in this latest round of devastating weather. It may seem foolish to send quilts to people in July in the heat, but Janice Grimes and her crew minister to these people and pray for them when they give the quilts.  They seek out those in each community who are familiar with those who have been impacted. It's a "God Thing" they are doing and I like to help.

Yes, I started another one. This tumbler quilt is sewn together now and trimmed. I have to choose borders and continue the process. It will also go to Quilts of Compassion.

I hope you are having a good week and finding lots of ways to have fun, and just maybe help someone who needs it!

Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Another Finish!

Yes, I finally sewed the binding on this one!  Yippee!  Two finished in a week. This is the one that I made with leftovers from two other quilts.  It will go the the USO soldiers' lounge at our local airport.  I like it!

I do love sewing on my "new" Singer Model 201. Quiet and powerful.

I combined a dark navy with a black and blue print. As you can clearly see on the right side, my quilting is not "all that"! But it gets the job done.

Right now I'm looking at and smelling these gorgeous gardenias. They are favorites of mine for so many reasons. I just wish they lasted longer. 

I woke up to a sunny sky this morning and went outside to take some pictures. I'm glad I did, because it is raining again now. The arching branches in the background photo are mimosa.  The inset photo, upper left gives you a better idea how much it is arching. The tree is in full, glorious bloom and the fragrance in the evening is so nice, almost like fresh peaches. Mimosa trees are called trash trees by some, but I like them anyway. There were always mimosas around everywhere I've lived in the South.

Also, the hydrangeas are blooming like wild. The little bush is in the upper right photo. There are both pink and purple blooms on the same plant. The other photos are of the same vase of blooms.  I actually followed instructions this time and burned the stem ends before putting them in water. They have lasted much longer. I took these pictures yesterday and they had already been in water several days by then. Those I've not burned only last a day before shriveling.  So, yes, it is a good idea to heed directions. 

I am working on two different quilts this weekend, and I had another idea pop into my head last night, so no boredom here, even in the rain. I am so thankful for this life I am privileged to live, for my sweet husband who supports me in all I do (even if he rolls his eyes sometimes!) and for the beauty surrounding me. 

I do hope you are having a simply wonderful weekend!

Hugs and kisses,