Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Cool Comfort Cooking

Somehow or other, Mr. Sweetie Pie and I managed to get a little touch of food poisoning, virus, whatever over the weekend. I am not sure at all what did it, but my tummy is still not back in happy land. :(

So today, I made a nice, comforting vegetable soup for lunch. It was perfect!

Also some of these nice, crispy corn sticks, also perfect!


I am really loving our new convection oven. It is so much cooler than turning on the big gas oven, and does a wonderful job.


Have you noticed the new feature on the right hand side of the blog - "My Blog List"? This is so neat - you get a little taste of what's new on some of my favorite blogs. Blogger really did a good job with this one!

Have a great evening.


Edited Update: Corn sticks are cornbread made in the shape of ears of corn - traditionally in a cast iron corn stick pan. Although, to tell the truth only the part in the pan looks like corn. And if you're still in the dark, cornbread is a bread made primarily from ground corn (as opposed to wheat). I know it's the "staff of life" in the South where I've lived all my life. :)

And I tell a little about my new convection toaster oven in the comments following this post.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, those cornsticks look wonderful. I'd like to know more about your oven - I've never seen one like it. My stove/oven is the only original kitchen appliance I have left, and the darn thing won't die, heh heh.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I got it on ebay (would you have guessed that?) from these really nice people -
http://stores.ebay.com/Loml-Trading. It's a convection/toaster oven made by Toastmaster. Does a great job on cakes, too!

Charlie P said...

Oh no! I hope your tummy is feeling better now. Your meal looks incredibly tasty, especially the corn sticks. But I just have one question...what ARE corn sticks? :)