Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Squash and a Spider and Some Other Things


I had to make a stop at the grocery story today and the summer squash just looked so good and so fresh that some of it had to come home with me. I sauteed it with some onion slices in a little olive oil as a side to lunch. Delicious!

I picked up the August issue of Woman's Day and there on the front
were these pretty parfaits, and I just had to try making some. They looked so refreshing!
Mine didn't turn out nearly as pretty, but they still tasted good.

This little girl (don't know her name) has been really busy out on our patio keeping the insect population under control, and fortunately for her - she's in an out-of-the-way spot so she's relatively safe.
I love this view from our bathroom window. The yard looks so lush and inviting. (And from in here you can't tell how beastly hot it really is outside!)


I've got all the fabrics cut for my niece's little quilt. For some reason my mind just kind of kept slipping out of gear when I was trying to get it cut out. I made stupid mistakes and had to do over several times.
Oh, well. Now I'll start putting it all together. I'm loving the bright colors.
Have a great evening!

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