Friday, July 11, 2008

Savanah's Quilt


I have finished a quilt for my other niece's daughter, Savannah. It started out as a Yellow Brick Road quilt, but somehow along the way I totally messed up the cutting out of it and it turned into something else. I'm sure there's no real name for it, but I think it's pretty anyway.


I love the bright colors.


Doesn't it look like it would be fun to throw down on the floor and let a little cutie play with some toys on it?



And she IS a cutie! This is from when they visited in February, so she isn't this small any more.

I think she'll enjoy her new plaything.

Three words: fresh peach pie


Sorry I forgot to take a picture before the ravening horde descended on it.


Boy, was it good!

Have a great weekend!



Melanie said...

Looks like a picture postcard... beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That is breathtakingly beautiful! Well done!

Karen said...

I love your quilt! It reminds me of a field of wild flowers that I would love to get lost in;)